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Fall 2010

What Drives You? contest coverage

Grand Prize Winner:

Nicole Savoie

Nicole Savoie, Grand-Prize Winner

Nicole Savoie; Boylston, Mass. — winner of a Bobcat® utility vehicle

My husband, Scott, is the most intelligent, giving, hard-working, driven person I know. He has his own construction business, and when times were good, they were good. We got a house, had four children and lived modestly. My husband has old-school mentality. When it's broke, fix it. If you can make do with something you have, then make it work. If a neighbor needs something, be there (he's the first one people call when in a pickle). The past few years the industry hasn't been that good. The lights are still on but at the expense, at times, of all of his paycheck. The four-wheeler he used to take the kids for rides on, and plow the driveway with, sits covered in the garage for the last two years. We can't afford the parts to fix it. (The lawn mower and an old trailer work well for giving the kids rides.) He just puts a positive spin on things and always seems to find a solution that works and makes everyone happy. What drives me? My husband does. Because of all he does for us, and the positive outlook he has, he drives me to keep going and to do my best, even when things don't look so good. I think a new machine would benefit him, and others, and drive him to keep being a great husband, father, son and friend.

Savoie Family

The Savoie family: Rachel, Scott and Nicole (front row); David, Renee and Denis.

More about the Savoie family

Scott Savoie has been involved in the construction industry for more than 10 years. Scott started the business with his father and brother, and his sister works with them too. As Nicole states in her entry, when the housing industry was going strong, times were good. Like many other small businesses, the Great Recession took its toll on Scott's modular home-building business. Thankfully the company is still operating today and the owners can see signs of economic improvement.

Scott's family is familiar with Bobcat equipment. He owns a T320 compact track loader and a 337 compact excavator that he purchased from Bobcat of Worcester. Since his family lives on six acres in a rural community, they received marketing materials from Bobcat, promoting tractors, utility vehicles, Toolcat™ utility work machines and attachments.

When Nicole saw the first Bobcat direct mail piece promoting the contest, she thought about entering but didn't get to it. When the second piece arrived, she decided it was time to enter. She recalled thinking about her husband and his motivation. "Scott is the type of guy that gets things done without complaining or making excuses," she says. "It's an old-school mentality. It's how my grandfather and father thought, and it's how he was raised. He expects that of me and our children. He's a great guy."

"What drives me? My husband does. Because of all he does for us, and the positive outlook he has, he drives me to keep going and to do my best, even when things don't look so good."

— Nicole Savoie

Second-Place Winners: each receives a Bobcat jacket

Carl Greene, Berlin, N.Y.
Jacob Lawrence, Ashland, Ohio
Randolph Martens, Fountain Inn, S.C.
Dave Haney, Sheridan, Mont.
Joyce Switzer, Trumansburg, N.Y.

Third-Place Winners: each receives a limited "Tailgate" edition Bobcat book

Kevin Malecha, Lonsdale, Minn.
Jeremy Roland, Jackson, Minn.
Allen Schneider, Newholstein, Wis.
Stephanie Ladwig, Vining, Minn.
Jeffery Dinges, Stanley, Va.
Anthony Woolhouse, Big Lake, Minn.
Jonathan Hooper, Cleveland, Tenn.
David Zeigler, Call, Texas

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