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Fall 2010

Better Than Par for the Course

Superior Bobcat compact tractor is kept busy on Texas golf course

Jimmy Briscoe and his son Ryan

Jimmy Briscoe (left) and his son Ryan recently upgraded to a Bobcat CT450 for maintenance projects on the golf course.

The Cape Royale Country Club, with its rolling hills and lakeside location, is described as a welcome change of pace from the mostly flat courses in the Houston metropolitan area. Another welcome change, according to the owners of "The Cape," is a Bobcat® CT450. It replaced a popular model of another brand.

"Last year I demoed some tractors in the 50-hp range when we decided we needed a larger machine," says Ryan Briscoe, who owns the Cold Spring, Texas, public golf club with his father, Jimmy. "The Bobcat unit stood out.

Better visibility

"The first thing I noticed about the CT450 was that I could see everything in front of me. I sat down too low in the other tractors. The Bobcat tractor has superior visibility and is very comfortable to operate.

"It is also built better — a solid framework, with a metal hood and fenders as opposed to plastic on other models. The CT450 is a heavy-duty machine."

That's important around The Cape. The Briscoe family (Ryan's mother, Kay, and his uncle Gary also work at the course) purchased the golf business three years ago and immediately set out to fix up the neglected property. The course, located on Lake Livingston north of Houston, has had several owners since it opened in 1972.

"It's in much better shape now," says Ryan Briscoe, "and we continue to make improvements. Maintenance is a never-ending job."

The CT450, purchased from Outdoor Equipment Outlet Inc., the Bobcat tractor dealer in Conroe, has helped work get completed more efficiently.

High expectations

"Versatility is the hallmark of Bobcat machines — we've used Bobcat loaders and excavators for years in our custom homebuilding business — and we expect the same from the tractor," Briscoe says. "With all the attachments and implements available, we find ways to use it every day without causing any turf damage."

Briscoe purchased the CT450 with a front-end loader. He also purchased a pallet fork attachment and 3-point box blade and rotary cutter implements. Briscoe says the front-end loader is perfect for light digging and grading, hauling sand, rocks and other debris and carrying materials. The rotary cutter is regularly used to clear away brush and mow tall grass along the fairways. Downed trees are cut up into small logs and carried away with the loader.

"In this type of tough application, the CT450 comes through without a problem," Briscoe says.

The Cape is a 6,088-yard, hilly, tree-lined course with dramatic elevation changes. "You have to play it once to figure out how to play it the second time," Briscoe says.

He didn't need a second time to figure out the value of the CT450 — one demo was all it took to convince him that it was the best compact tractor for the multiple needs of his golf course.

For more information,visit the Bobcat compact tractor page.

"Versatility is the hallmark of Bobcat machines — we've used Bobcat loaders and excavators for years in our custom homebuilding business — and we expect the same from the tractor."

— Ryan Briscoe

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.