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Fall 2010

Toolcat 5610 Is a Home Run in the Sports Field Industry

Utility work machine finds its way onto Texas ball fields in sports field construction and renovation

Steve Caraway

Steve Caraway was one of the first Toolcat 5600 customers in his area. Now a Toolcat 5610 complements his sports turf installation and maintenance equipment.

Whether it's installing a new football or baseball field or renovating an existing field, Texas Multi-Chem is a leader in the sports field industry, and a Toolcat™ 5610 utility work machine is an integral part of the company's success.

Owner Steve Caraway of Kerrville, Texas, has been involved in the sports field industry since the early '80s. He grew the company from selling products to maintaining golf courses and athletic fields, to building and renovating fields for school districts, colleges and cities.

As the process for growing turf grass on fields has evolved in the past three decades, so too has the equipment to build or renovate a playing surface for natural grass.

"Most all of the jobs we do require removing all the topsoil and replacing it with the proper sports field mix or renovating an existing soil to make it a proper profile," Caraway says. "The key for us is making sure the root zone mix is consistent through the entire playing surface."

Some of his projects include high school football fields, minor league baseball fields and soccer fields where the Big 12 holds its annual soccer championships. The cost to renovate fields ranges from $100,000 to as much as $250,000.

Early adopter

Caraway's company was one of the first in Texas to purchase a Toolcat utility work machine — a 5600 — from Ranchers ATV and Tractor. Since then, Caraway purchased a new Toolcat 5610 with 3-point hitch and PTO options in the rear.

"The 5610 opens up the door for us to use a variety of other equipment on the back that we already own," he says. "We use our 3-point tillers, aerators and top dressers — things we've been using for years — now on our 5610. We went from operating three front-mounted attachments with the 5600 to probably 10 attachments and implements with the same unit."

Caraway owns four Bobcat® front-mounted attachments: landscape rake, auger, tiller and bucket.

Smoothing surfaces

A common problem on baseball and softball fields is "lips" that develop on the edge of infields that build up over time and need to be smoothed. "The Toolcat 5610 and landscape rake smooth these surfaces, removing lips from the edges," Caraway says. "We also use the auger to dig holes for foul poles and goal posts, and we operate the tiller to prepare soils. The Toolcat 5610 is a very versatile piece of equipment."

He says his operators are excited about the machine because it is his only equipment with air conditioning. He also appreciates the excellent visibility to the 3-point and PTO-driven implements. "We have good visibility looking behind the 5610 to see the implements and when they are making contact with the ground," he says.

The all-wheel steer feature has been a big benefit, too.

"It's especially helpful in tight areas where we have to work around walls, dugouts and fences," he says. "It provides the tight turning radius and maneuverability that we need. Optional turf tires minimize the ground disturbance. The imprint that we leave is much lighter with this machine."

For more information, go to the Toolcat utility work machine page.

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