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Fall 2010

Demolition Services Boost Contractor's Revenue Stream

Company expands business with Bobcat T320 with steel track undercarriage and excavator

Jerry Majek

Jerry Majek, owner of J&J Insulation and Demolition

When an opportunity presented itself, Jerry Majek decided it was time to take advantage of it. Majek expanded his company's services from asbestos abatement to include demolition, and with the help from some new Bobcat® equipment, is off to a great start.

With a 442 excavator and T320 compact track loader with the steel track undercarriage, Majek's company completed demolition work that was previously done by other contractors. It's been a nice complement to his abatement business. "We saw the opportunity to expand and took advantage of it," Majek says.

Compact equipment fulfills a need when demolition projects are located in limited areas. Such was the case one day in March when Majek's crew was hired to demolish a 2,300-square-foot home with established homes and lawns on either side.

"If I had bigger equipment, I wouldn't be able to get on-site," Majek says. "With these machines, I can get around the house without worrying about it, and they have tremendous lifting and reaching abilities. Plus, the visibility is terrific. My operators can see much better."

Steel tracks

Demolition sites can be particularly challenging for equipment. That's why Majek opted to upgrade to the steel track undercarriage when he ordered his Bobcat T320 loader.

"Now we run over a lot of concrete and rebar without any problems," he says. "I'm really amazed at the T320 and what it can do. I think it's one of the best machines that Bobcat has made, because it can get into tight areas without sacrificing performance or productivity."

About the company

J&J Insulation and Demolition is owned and operated by Jerry Majek with involvement from his son Justin, daughter Jeanette Majek-Day and son-in-law Jack Day, with roughly 30 employees altogether.

On his acreage

When Majek isn't working, he enjoys spending time at his 7-acre homestead where he owns a Bobcat utility vehicle and a CT235 compact tractor with front-end loader and 3-point hitch implements.

Durable and versatile Bobcat products are a part of Majek's life; whether he's at work or enjoying the outdoors at home, he can count on the brand that's helped him build and expand his business.

Visit the compact track loader undercarriage page to learn more about this optional undercarriage for select Bobcat compact track loaders.

Steel track benefits

Loader showing steel tracks

Majek's Bobcat excavator and T320.

  • Durable steel tracks improve track life
  • Long-life track components are resistant to bending/breaking
  • More weight equals more traction and pushing force

Genuine Bobcat parts

All of Majek's Bobcat equipment uses genuine parts from his local dealership. From the fluids to hydraulic oils to the filters and rubber tracks, he buys only Bobcat brand parts. "I have friends in the demolition industry with off-brand equipment, and when it breaks down, trying to find parts is a big challenge for them," Majek says. "I'm very pleased with my Bobcat dealer and parts availability. They have everything that I ever need."

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.