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Fall 2010

Landscaper Moves Into New Markets

Change of direction easy with versatile Bobcat equipment

Joe Dean

Versatile and durable Bobcat equipment, including attachments, has helped Joseph Dean become a successful landscaper in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

When the economy pushed the growth of his landscaping business slightly off track, Joe Dean got it going in the right direction by changing directions. The solution was diversification and, by adding a single attachment, he has been able to take advantage of opportunities in the concrete and demolition market segments.

"2009 was the toughest of the 10 years I've been in business," says the owner of Dean's Landscaping, Xenia, Ohio. "We made it, but it was difficult. As a result, we became a lot more aggressive looking for new business; we bid on many more jobs and got several of them.

Adding services

"Concrete work really helped us last year and that portion of the business continues to grow. We also did a couple of demolition projects in 2009, and more this year. Landscaping is still very important, but if we would have limited ourselves to that market, we would not be doing as well as we are."

Dean, who owns the company with his brother Obadiah, used a trio of Bobcat® machines — S300 and 773 skid-steer loaders and a 430 excavator — to build up his thriving landscaping enterprise which, up until two years ago, was 60 percent lawn maintenance and 40 percent installation and new construction. They seeded lawns; installed plants, trees and shrubs; built patios, sidewalks, retaining walls and concrete slabs and dug trenches for utility lines.

The two loaders and the excavator, along with attachments such as several buckets, landscape rake and pallet forks, all purchased from Bobcat of Dayton, fit the needs of the company very well. So did the 2-yard light-material bucket and snow blade for snow removal. Clients included large commercial properties, retirement communities and condo associations.

"When the economy tightened we were able to diversify because we already owned the right equipment," Dean says. "We had the loaders and dump trucks to move right into concrete work. When we saw an opportunity for demolition projects, we purchased a Bobcat hydraulic breaker and were in business."

The Bobcat HB-Series hydraulic breakers are known for their reliability and ability to meet demanding concrete demolition projects. The HB-Series matches the hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker to deliver a consistent performance.

"The fact that the breaker can be used with our Bobcat loaders and our excavator is a big advantage," Dean says. "This attachment allows us to demolish vacant houses in the Dayton area. Sometimes we demolish the entire house and dig out the foundation. We also tear down parts of an existing structure so a contractor can put on a new addition. The excavator's clamp is great for picking up hard-to-handle pieces."

Dean says his strength has always been his work ethic.

"If you work hard at it, you can find jobs. You might have to change your approach or emphasis like we did, but the transition is much easier if you have the right equipment."

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