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Fall 2010

How to Make Snow Removal More Enjoyable

Climb inside the cab of new M-Series skid-steer loader and find out

Craig Nathe

Craig Nathe appreciates his M-Series Bobcat S650 loader.

Winter weather in Minnesota can be cruel: just ask anyone who has to wake up at 2 a.m. to plow snow.

Craig Nathe does just that, operating a Bobcatฎ skid-steer loader for R and F Enterprises, a snow removal business his father, Joe, started more than 20 years ago. This past winter, however, working conditions improved with the arrival of a new M-Series S650 loader, purchased from Lano Equipment.

"It's nice to know that when you get up in the middle of the night you are going to operate a very comfortable, warm machine with good visibility," Nathe says. "That loader made my job a lot more pleasant."

M-Series cab comforts

The incredible new cab of the S650 loader is making life better for Nathe. The cab-forward design offers better visibility; is larger (10 percent more space), quieter (inside sound is reduced by more than 60 percent) and has a bigger front opening for easier entry and exit.

"There is no comparison to other loaders," Nathe says. "The S650 cab is superior in every way. The visibility — front, back and side — is great. I don't have to strain my neck; I can see everything. The cab is roomy, easier to get in and out of, very quiet and warm — really warm. There are no air leaks; the cab is very tight. I set the heater as low as it will go and still don't wear a cap, gloves or jacket. This machine has spoiled me."

"The cab of the S650 is superior to the other brand in every way. The visibility — front, back and side — is great."

— Craig Nathe

After a snowfall Nathe takes his S650, an 84-inch bucket and 108-inch, heavy-duty snow blade and removes snow for a group of four banks located in different communities.

"I need to start by 3 a.m. to make sure all the snow is gone by the time the first employee vehicle pulls into the parking lot, usually around 6:30," he says. "The only equipment that works in these tight access areas is a skid-steer loader. I need to maneuver around obstacles — such as the drive-through facilities and back onto the highway — to open up their entrances. The snow must be hauled out quickly because they cannot lose any parking spaces. It's always a race against the clock to be gone before the first employee arrives."

Nathe and his family also own Riverside Farms, a vegetable farm located near Elk River, Minn. That's where he became familiar with Bobcat equipment and where — for the past seven years — he has operated a T250 compact track loader.

"Ever since we've had the track machine, I've been looking forward to having a Bobcat rubber tire loader for snow removal," he says. "The S650, with all the new M-Series features, was worth waiting for."

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