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Bobcatalog 2011

Bobcat products continue changing with new additions and improvements

What's new? More M-Series loaders and excavators and Bobcat next generation utility vehicles

T870 and S850

The new T870 and S850.

A lot has changed in the last two years. Most notably, a new generation of Bobcat® loaders and excavators called the "M-Series" made its debut. Bobcat also launched the "New Breed" of utility vehicles; four models all together. Read about these products and more in the 2011 edition of the annual WorkSaver® BobCatalog.

M-Series compact loaders

New M-Series loaders are replacing previous models and the product introductions continue in 2011. Five new M-Series vertical-lift-path loaders — including an all-wheel steer model — will be introduced in early 2011. These include the S750 and S770 skid-steer loaders, the T750 and T770 compact track loaders and the A770 all-wheel steer loader. Find more details about these new 700 platform-size loaders in the skid-steer loader and compact track loader sections. Again, these loaders are unlike anything available today with top-of-the-line operator stations that offered exceptional visibility to the working area and unmatched operator comfort.

With the addition of the M-Series loaders, Bobcat offers the largest selection of compact loaders, with 13 skid-steer, eight compact track, two mini track and one unique all-wheel steer loader model.

M-Series excavators

In 2010 Bobcat launched three new compact excavators to bring the total to seven M-Series models. Add those to the current Bobcat excavator lineup and there are 11 different models to choose from. Whether it's a backyard landscaping project or a commercial construction site, there's a Bobcat excavator to meet your needs.


Adding services to your business can be as easy as renting or purchasing a Bobcat attachment. Choose from more than 80 types of attachments and implements, with hundreds of models to suit your specific machine and application. Replacing a dedicated machine with the addition of one or more Bobcat attachments will improve your efficiency, simply because of the added versatility of the Bobcat tool carrier.

Compact tractors

Select from eight Bobcat tractors with horsepower ranges from 22 hp to 49 hp plus multiple transmission and cab options. There is a model for do-it-yourself homeowners with acreage, up-and-coming landscapers or grounds maintenance professionals. Some 400 Bobcat dealers in the United States and Canada are standing behind the tractor for sales, service, parts and rental needs.

Toolcat™ utility work machines

Toolcat utility work machines are one-of-a-kind tool carriers that combine the best features of other equipment in one unit. Choose from two models, the 5600 or 5610, to complete year-round grounds maintenance, farm and ranch chores, landscaping installations and more.

Utility vehicles

Four new models replaced the previous series in 2010. New Bobcat utility vehicles give owners a performance boost with added horsepower, cargo capacity and top speed. These new vehicles are engineered specifically for doing work, but they're also great for hunting expeditions or general use around an acreage. Simply put, they're the easiest way to transport people and material in comfort.

VersaHandler® telescopic tool carriers

Telescopic tool carriers, or "telehandlers," as many people know them, are ideal when heavy material needs to be lifted farther or higher than a loader. Four models are available with lift capacities of 4,400 to 7,000 pounds with maximum lift heights of 17 to 38 feet.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.