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Bobcatalog 2011

Installations get done faster with new M-Series loader and attachments

Two-man crew grows to full-service fence company with reliable Bobcat compact equipment

D & C Fence Company

Wes McDonell (pictured right) and Cody Schuchert (pictured left)

Speed is critical in the fence installation business. Just ask Wes McDonell and Cody Schuchert from D & C Fence Company. McDonell and Schuchert help the company schedule and install new fences for residences, commercial sites and industrial facilities. Their newest Bobcat® loader — an M-Series T630 compact track loader — has given their business a boost.

D & C Fence Company specializes not only in fence installations, the company also builds decks, and stucco, rock and brick walls. No matter what they're building, Bobcat equipment helps them get it done faster, without sacrificing quality.

"The faster we get done, especially our bigger crews, the faster they get onto the next job," Schuchert says. "Customers want to be done ‘yesterday.' When they sign the contract, they expect you to be on it immediately."

Now in its 18th year of business, D & C Fence Company introduced equipment to its installations to minimize manual labor. Schuchert and General Manager David Crossland started the company with just wheelbarrows and shovels.

"We previously used posthole diggers and wheelbarrows to install new fences," Schuchert says. "About five years ago we bought our first Bobcat loader because we were getting a lot of big commercial jobs and we needed to increase our production. For example, we installed 2,000 feet of fence in less than 24 hours, and larger jobs up to 4,000 feet can be done in just two days. It just adds so much productivity."

Minimizing ground disturbance is important to D & C Fence Company and its customers. Whether it's an established lawn or new asphalt, customers want little or no damage to their property.

"We do a lot of jobs on new asphalt and the new T630 does a great job because it distributes the machine weight," Schuchert says. "Superintendents can get awfully mad if you mess up their new asphalt."

Increased visibility

The M-Series loader's cab-forward design has been a big help for the company's operators.

"Our operators have better visibility and can see the attachment and the area where they are digging much better with the T630," Schuchert says.

An auger is paired with the T630 to dig new footings for fence posts. Operators also transport the wet concrete in the loader bucket — from the truck to the jobsite — which saves the company time instead of using wheelbarrows.

Another benefit, according to McDonell, is the keyless start.

"If it's a big job, we're going to be on the site for a week or two," he says. "We park the T630 on the site and leave it there overnight. Without the code, no one else can start the machine.

"We need equipment that's strong, durable and is going to last, because if the machine is sitting in a shop getting fixed, it's not making us any money," McDonell says.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.