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Bobcatalog 2011

M-Series excavators set a new standard for excellence in compact equipment

New models added to Bobcat M-Series lineup; more coming in 2011


There have been a lot of changes to Bobcat® excavators in the past two years with the introduction of the M-Series. These improvements have widened the gap between Bobcat and other compact excavators in terms of quality, performance, serviceability and attachment functionality. Today Bobcat offers an unmatched lineup of 11 excavators to provide customers with the best machine to match their equipment needs.

M-Series lineup grows

New M-Series excavators replaced previous Bobcat models and today there are seven M-Series excavator models — from the E32 to the E80 — including Conventional, Minimal and Zero Tail Swing configurations. Bobcat M-Series excavators offer stronger performance in a lighter machine, thanks to a reduced overall machine weight. Simply put, Bobcat excavators can get more work done in less time to put more profit in your pocket.

Why an excavator?

Larger excavating equipment is more difficult to operate in confined spaces, requires more fuel, may necessitate more ground repair when the job is finished and costs more to purchase. Excavators, particularly Bobcat excavators, can actually get more work done in less time than traditional excavating equipment like tractor loader backhoes. Bobcat excavators can produce faster cycle times to fill trucks, place boulders or trench in less time than other equipment. And a tracked undercarriage minimizes the ground disturbance and keeps customers happy.

Do more than dig

Traditionally known as digging machines, excavators can do much more with up to 14 approved attachments available. This means more work with one machine in less time. Bobcat excavators are clamp-ready with the best-built clamp in the industry to easily lift, carry and place items such as landscaping boulders, tree limbs or scrap materials. Auxiliary hydraulic controls are at the operator's fingertips for precise, low-fatigue operation. And M-Series excavators feature a rocker-style thumb switch located on the left joystick for boom swing control. The machine is designed so you can easily add secondary auxiliary hydraulics to the boom quickly and at less cost than with other excavators.

Uptime protection

Standard features like machine shutdown protection (on select Bobcat excavators), battery rundown protection, on-board diagnostics and sealed connectors keep Bobcat excavator owners working with minimal downtime from service repairs. Daily maintenance checkpoints like filters and fluids are easy to reach to ensure they are checked and replaced as needed.

Born in the USA

Bobcat Company is still the only manufacturer to produce mini-excavators in the U.S.A. The majority of Bobcat mini-excavators are designed in Gwinner, N.D. Fabrication and assembly also takes place at its flagship Gwinner manufacturing plant, where loyal Bobcat employees take great pride in building them along with the rest of the Bobcat product line.

A lot has changed with the new M-Series excavator line from Bobcat. If you haven't tried one yet, contact your local dealer to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself why Bobcat excavators are still No. 1 in the compact equipment industry.

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Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.