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M-Series excavators are the 'new best'

A longtime owner-operator is wowed by the new M-Series E42

Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier knows excavators — for 16 years he's owned, rented and demoed plenty of them. The last dozen years he's operated Bobcat® machines, including a 334 that he still uses.

"As Bobcat excavators kept getting better, I figured the generation of equipment that included the 334 was about as good as it gets," says Jim Frazier, owner of Frazier Construction Co., Lynn, Mass. "Then last year, when I needed to add another machine as business picked up, I checked out the M-Series excavators. That's when I discovered the new best."

Frazier and his seven employees do mostly utility jobs, repairing water and sewer breaks and installing electrical lines. The work often involves digging in confined residential and commercial sites around the Boston area. Typically, his day includes moving the excavator quickly from site to site, maneuvering around obstacles and using multiple attachments.

"This new M-Series excavator is exactly what I need to work efficiently. For its size, the E42 is very powerful, capable of digging 8- to-10-foot-deep trenches quickly and cleanly. Sometimes I have to work where there is space only for the excavator; this machine does a great job in those situations."

In-track swing frame

The exclusive Bobcat in-track swing frame keeps the swing casting and cylinders within the tracks when offset digging. That allows the E42 to dig flush up against a building, something Frazier considers very valuable.

M-Series excavator features that he likes include reduced noise levels and improved climate control in a more comfortable cab; smooth control of machine functions; low fuel consumption and an advanced hydraulic system that delivers more usable power.

‘Best bargain'

Before he purchased the M-Series excavator from Bobcat of Boston, Frazier did his homework, checking out other similar-size machines. His conclusion: "For the money, the E42 was the best bargain. All the new features made this an exceptional value. My history with other Bobcat excavators has been very good. I regularly put 3,000 hours on machines and have had no problems. Another important factor — readily available parts, and reasonably priced, as well."

In addition to his compact excavators, Frazier has two Bobcat skid-steer loaders, an S185 and a 763.

"I can use the hydraulic breaker attachment on all four machines and that is very important to me," he says. "Changing attachments is quick and easy. So, too, is switching my three excavator buckets back and forth."

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