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Bobcatalog 2011

Never a day of rest for Bobcat telescopics

Two V723s load trucks while on call for accident cleanup


Murray Underwood knows the value of versatile equipment. His Bobcat® skid-steer and compact track loaders and excavator are hard-working, productive and certainly versatile. He also has a pair of Bobcat telehandlers, and when it comes to measuring versatility, they stand out, working for the multiple businesses he operates near Tulsa, Okla.

"We run our V723s every day because of all the different jobs they can do," says the owner of Underwood Services. "We own a lot of equipment; the Bobcat telescopics are the most versatile of all."

The telehandlers — purchased from White Star Machinery — first got Underwood's attention when he was looking for a better way to load trucks.

"We load trucks at a plant that produces a soybean by-product that area farmers use for fertilizer," he says. "Space is limited; there is only 102 inches of clearance for equipment. The 94-inch-tall V723 turned out to be the solution — and then some."

With a 2.5-cubic-yard light material bucket, the pair of telescopic tool carriers load trucks faster and more efficiently, Underwood says. The V723s handle 15 to 20 truckloads of fertilizer a day. They are also used for loading feed.

"I looked at other machines," Underwood says. "Compared to the Bobcat telehandlers, one was too bulky, one was not as responsive and another did not have as stout a boom. The V723s stood out as the best for our needs."

Cleanup assignments

While Underwood's VersaHandler machines are loading fertilizer, feed and other materials every day, they could be called away to work for another of his businesses at any time.

"We have done environmental remediation for the past four years, helping to clean up highway accidents and other incidents throughout Oklahoma," he says. "As soon as we get a call, we decide what Bobcat equipment to take and get to the scene quickly. Our reputation is based on speed — getting in, getting the job done and getting out as fast as possible. With this equipment we can do in a day what others would do in three days."

The V723 is often used to unload an overturned truck if the trailer is not too badly damaged. The size of the telescopic allows Underwood's crew to drive inside the trailer with the pallet fork attachment and remove the contents. "The strong boom and reach of the V723 is invaluable in these situations," he says.

In addition to removing whatever is spilled — which includes anything carried by the truck — Underwood is responsible for restoring the accident scene. In one instance he had to clean up 35 gallons of diesel fuel. He excavated the 90-foot-long area, brought in new dirt and had it ready for sod, completing the job in three hours.

"Every situation is different," he says. "You have to be prepared for anything. That's why my versatile Bobcat equipment is so valuable."

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