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Early Spring HOWA 2011

From the WorkSaver Editor's Desk

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson, WorkSaver editor

It's refreshing for me to think of spring in the midst of another Midwest winter. Undoubtedly many readers who live in the Snowbelt think likewise. This Early Spring 2011 issue of WorkSaver® magazine touches on some springtime activities to get you excited for the upcoming season, such as how to prepare your Bobcat® compact tractor for peak operating performance. Another article evaluates the various rear implements for preparing soil, such as soil conditioners, tillers and box blades, just to name a few.

User testimonials

The bread and butter of WorkSaver continues to be our customer testimonials, and this issue won't disappoint you. Read about three compact tractor customers and the success they've had with their Bobcat machines. There's a customer from Pennsylvania who downsized from three machines to one Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine. And a former game warden finally got his wish with a new Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle for his property maintenance chores and hunting expeditions.

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