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Fall 2006

Bobcat Attachments: The Fast and Easy Way to Clear Snow

When it comes to removing snow, no compact equipment manufacturer makes it easier than Bobcat. Choose from the industry's widest selection of snow removal attachments to handle just about any type of job that requires clearing snow and ice quickly and efficiently. Mounted on a Bobcat loader, Toolcat utility work machine, 2300 utility vehicle, or VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier, Bobcat attachments are built tough to handle everything from fluffy flakes to brutal blizzards.

Depending on the type and size of your Bobcat power unit, the choices of attachments include:

Angle Broom

Perfect for light snowfalls, it sweeps flush to a curb or wall. Adjust the sweeping angle hydraulically using finger-tip controls or manually, depending on model. Other features include a high-torque motor and a quick-change design for fast replacement of polypropylene or steel bristles. Choose from three widths.

Light Material Bucket

This large capacity bucket is designed for loading and handling snow efficiently. It features a high back to help with pushing snow and straight sides to penetrate snow piles.


This rugged attachment slides along the surface to make easy work of clearing hard-packed snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and other high-traffic areas. The self-sharpening cutting edge enhances performance.

Snow Blade

Here's the ideal way to quickly clear light or moderate snowfalls from driveways and sidewalks. The versatile moldboard angles hydraulically 30 degrees left or right. Features include a spring trip mechanism to protect components, adjustable depth shoes, high visibility corner masts and durable, high-carbon steel or optional rubber cutting edge. Available end wing kit for 7-ft. and 8-ft. models converts it to a high-production snow pusher.

Snow Pusher

Collect and push snow big time from parking lots and larger areas with this multi-function attachment. The floating blade, which follows the ground contours as it oscillates right and left, is designed to get all the snow. The flotation feature extends the snow pusher's skid-shoe life by limiting excessive down-pressure on uneven surfaces. Or, you can override these functions to keep the blade in a fixed position when clearing hard-packed snow or ice. Choose 8 or 10 ft. widths and standard rubber or dealer-installed polyurethane cutting edge.

Snow V-Blade

Use this versatile attachment to save time and labor five ways: as a V-blade to clear a path through deep snow; as a scoop blade to scoop, push or pile snow; a straight blade to pile large amounts of snow; and as an angle blade to push snow to the right or left. Available in five widths, the blade comes standard with reversible high-carbon steel cutting edge or optional rubber cutting edge. The Bobcat attachment control kit lets you adjust blade configurations on the go with finger-tip controls.


Send the snow flying from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Powerful direct-drive hydraulic motors for the fan and auger eliminate high-wear components such as gearboxes and shear pins and blow snow as far as 40 ft., depending on model. Chain and sprocket system for rotating the chute means no loose, tangled and frozen cables. Valve block minimizes reduction of hydraulic pressure and number of hydraulic hoses and elbows. The Bobcat attachment control kit allows finger-tip control of starting and stopping the auger and fan, rotating the chute and adjusting the angle of the chute deflector.

Spreader (Loaders)

Spread sand and salt fast over sidewalks, driveways, alleys and parking lots. To save even more time, the hopper can be loaded from the back of a dump truck. Use the variable speed motor to adjust the spreading pattern from 4 to 40 ft. and a rotary dial mounted in the cab to control speed of the spinner wheel. Weather-tight enclosure protects the spreader motor from the elements.

Spreader (Toolcat 5600)

Mount a snowblower on the front and the spreader in back to remove snow and spread sand/salt in one pass.

Whisker Push Broom

Use this much faster and easier alternative to hand brooms for sweeping away light snow. This simple, durable and efficient attachment cleans sidewalks, driveways, loading docks and more as you drive forward or backward. It's great for cleaning along curbs, walls and other tight areas.

See your Bobcat dealer today to learn all the details on how these attachments can help you save time and make money this winter.

Use The New Utility Vehicle For Cost-Effective Snow Removal

2300 utility vehicle

2300 utility vehicle

With its removable RapidLink lift arm, the unique and versatile Bobcat four-wheel drive 2300 utility vehicle is more than a great off-road passenger and cargo hauler. Equipped with a variety of Bobcat attachments, it saves time and labor year round on buildings and grounds maintenance jobs as well as farm and ranch work. That includes the winter, when it gives you yet another option for cost-effective snow removal work.

Use the 2300 with the whisker push broom to clear light snowfalls up to 30 times faster than a hand broom. To clear away deeper snow, use the hydraulically-angled snow blade.

Joystick controls and the exclusive RapidLink lift arm make it easy to line up and mount attachments.