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Early Spring HOWA 2011

New front-mounted blades available for Bobcat compact tractors

Choose from three front-mounted blade attachments for pushing snow

There's a new way to efficiently clear snow with your Bobcat® compact tractor. Bobcat is introducing three new front-mounted blades for snow removal applications. The blades are an ideal solution for homeowners with acreage who want to maximize their tractor's productivity through the winter.

Snow blade

Bobcat snow blade

Three models

Three models are available in widths of 54, 69 and 84 inches. The Bobcat SD54, SD69 and SD84 snow blades are specifically designed for use with Bobcat compact tractors. The blade widths were selected to keep tractor tire traction maximized while pushing snow, along with providing optimal widths while angled for efficiently clearing sidewalks. The snow blade is mounted to the lift kit in front of the compact tractor. A hose kit is also required to hydraulically angle the snow blade. Each snow blade is approximately 20 inches high and weighs between 264 and 300 pounds.

Blade features

Compact tractor operators can easily push snow where they want it because the blade angles up to 30 degrees left or right, hydraulically. Control the blade angle hydraulically with the same conveniently located loader joystick.

Each snow blade features a rolled trip moldboard that lets snow or dirt flow easily to minimize drag. Adjustable depth skid shoes prevent scraping by maintaining the blade height. This can be important to ensure the blade clears obstructions, such as manhole covers or street cracks. The adjustable skid shoes also allow operators to clear snow without removing gravel from the driveway. When not in use, the blade's skid shoes act as a parking stand for quick and easy hook up.

A tension spring trip moldboard reduces the potential for impact damage to the blade and compact tractor. A cylinder shear bolt protects against cylinder damage. As an added benefit, the snow blades are painted orange for improved visibility to the attachment during the contrasting light conditions present throughout winter days and nights. This can be particularly useful when clearing snow in the dark, close to objects or on sidewalks to prevent turf damage.


Customize the snow blades with additional options, including the following kits: rubber snow deflector, poly cutting edge, rubber cutting edge and marker rods.

Approved carriers:

  • SD54: CT120 and CT122
  • SD69: CT225, CT230, CT235, CT335, CT440, CT445 and CT450
  • SD84: CT335, CT440, CT445 and CT450