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Spring 2011

M-Series Loader Lineup Grows with Five New Models

700 Platform-size loaders have more lift height and more hydraulic horsepower

These new loaders have an additional 3.2 inches of lift height (height-to-hinge pin).

These new loaders have an additional 3.2 inches of lift height (height-to-hinge pin).

The product introductions keep rolling as Bobcat launches five new M-Series loaders: two skid-steer loaders (S750 and S770), two compact track loaders (T750 and T770) and one unique all-wheel steer loader (A770). Together, these Bobcat® loaders represent a significant transition from the previous generation to the latest and greatest loaders that Bobcat has to offer, and the changes are monumental.

S750 and S770 Skid-Steer Loaders

These two new skid-steer loaders are heavy-duty work machines, with 85- and 92-horsepower Tier 3 diesel engines, respectively. The S750 and S770 are well-suited for a variety of jobs that require loaders with high rated operating capacities, plentiful hydraulic flow (for optimum attachment performance) and strong pushing and digging forces — all in a compact frame size.


S750 skid-steer loader

T750 and T770 Compact Track Loaders

For customers who spend the majority of their time excavating, grading or pushing dirt, the new M-Series T750 and T770 are a good match. The durable solid-mount undercarriage minimizes component wear and downtime, and it holds up well in harsh operating conditions. A new option available for both models is two-speed travel, offering a high-range speed of 10.7 miles per hour. The two-speed option gives you the fastest compact track loader on the market. The low range is almost as fast as others' high range. Read more about the compact track loaders later in the article, including the optional Roller Suspension™ System, which provides a smoother ride across rough terrain.


S770 skid-steer loader

A770 All-Wheel Steer Loader

It's been nearly a decade since the first Bobcat all-wheel steer loader made its debut, and since then the unique loader concept has flourished. Now a new M-Series version of the all-wheel steer loader is available — the A770. Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders combine two loaders in one with all-wheel steer mode, which minimizes tire wear and saves established surfaces, and for tight quarters work the traditional skid-steer mode. In the all-wheel steer mode, both the right and left sides work together for a tighter turning radius and smooth travel. The inside tires turn at a different angle and speed than the outside tires. With the optional turf tires, it's hard to tell where the A770 has been on a worksite or established surfaces, including manicured golf courses, new asphalt and concrete, and sensitive paver surfaces. In the skid-steer mode, the tires on the left side work independently of those on the right side to achieve maximum maneuverability.


T750 compact track loader

Following, we review what makes these machines so different from their predecessors.

Operator comfort

It can't be overstated how comfortable the new M-Series cab is. M-Series loader cabs were completely re-engineered and the overall cab size increased by 10 percent to give operators more space. The best-in-class pressurized cab keeps dirt and dust to a minimum, through the use of a one-piece seal that goes all the way around the door and fits into a special curved pocket. M-Series loader features.

The cab-forward design provides operators with a better view of the attachment and the job in front of them. Not only are the M-Series loader cabs bigger and cleaner, but they are quieter, too. Overall sound levels inside and outside the cab have been reduced. Sound levels have decreased by approximately 60 percent. This was accomplished through new engine mounts that better isolate the engine and other components from the cab and frame, along with specific sound-reducing changes to the cooling and hydraulic system.


T770 compact track loader

Additional operator comforts include:

  • Increased air conditioner and heater capacity, and relocated vents to better direct airflow
  • Suspension seat for long days in the cab
  • Better lighting for improved visibility
  • Cup holder
  • Optional radio and speakers


New M-Series loaders have higher rated operating capacities, higher horsepower engines and better hydraulic performance for operating attachments. Higher auxiliary hydraulic fl ow and pressure, and more efficient hydraulics contribute to the exceptional hydraulic performance. Improved hydraulics lead to improved attachment performance, and better bucket and lift arm forces. When you combine these features you'll see why M-Series loaders are more productive.

Uptime protection

In an effort to minimize downtime, the new M-Series loaders have a number of design changes to keep them running efficiently. One of the most notable changes is that the hydraulic quick couplers are recessed into the lift arm and are further protected by a ?-inch steel guard, to protect them from accidental bumps. M-Series loaders have fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings, again for less chance of disruption and downtime.


A770 all-wheel steer loader

Additional improvements include larger Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting frame pivot pins for longer service life. A stronger front step mounted to the lift arms provides easy entry and exit to the cab and is less likely to be damaged. A new rear bumper extends beyond the tailgate to minimize damage. This bumper also allows for more room in the engine compartment, providing better access to the battery. Improved tie downs help when transporting the M-Series loaders from jobsite to jobsite.

The M-Series loaders have a re-engineered cooling system that delivers better cooling performance, thereby extending the loader's life.


The easy-to-clean cooling package is one of several M-Series service enhancements. The oil cooler swings up and is held by a support bar, which allows quick removal of dust and debris between the oil cooler and radiator. Proper cleaning will ensure the loader is in optimal operating condition. Items like a hydraulic reservoir sight gauge (located on the side of the machine), long-life hydraulic filter, stretch-fit accessory belts, better access to the battery and grease points (vertical lift path machines) are all part of the M-Series service features.

S770 and T770

S770 and T770 loaders

NEW: Two-speed compact track loaders

One of the newest offerings for M-Series compact track loaders is the two-speed option. Operators can travel up to 10.7 miles per hour to get from point A to point B quicker. This new option is now available for the T750, T770 and T870 compact track loaders, and is coming soon for the T630 and T650 models.

Durable undercarriages

A solid-mount undercarriage is the foundation for dependable and rugged Bobcat compact track loaders. For applications where a more aggressive undercarriage is needed, Bobcat offers a steel track option. (Note: Two-speed travel is not available with the steel track undercarriage.) For additional operator comfort, a Roller Suspension™ System is available as an option for the new T750 and T770.

Loader control options

Every operator has his or her own control preferences, which is why Bobcat offers three easy-to-use control choices. Standard controls have traditional manual steering levers and foot pedal hydraulic controls. More and more operators, however, are interested in the Advanced Control System (ACS) and Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC). With ACS, operators use the manual steering levers with switchable foot or hand control of hydraulics. The SJC option provides joystick steering and hydraulic controls, and can be switched between ISO and H patterns.

It's easy to see why Bobcat loaders are still No. 1 after combining these M-Series features.