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Spring 2011

A Leader in its Class: The New E55

New M-Series excavator has class-leading performance characteristics


New E55

Now there's another M-Series excavator from Bobcat — the eighth model introduced since 2009 — with class-leading lifting capacity and best-in-class slew performance. The new E55 outperforms other excavators in the 5-ton weight class, and is an ideal machine for those demanding more performance, more dig depth, or lifting and placing septic tanks, culverts and similar items into position.

The E55 is designed and built in Gwinner, N.D. It is a conventional tail swing E55 with exceptional performance, a dig depth of 12 feet 11 inches and dump height of 13 feet 7 inches.


A load-sensing piston pump and closed center-valve system deliver exceptional metering for smooth control of the work group and travel system. The new E55 is powered by a fuel-efficient 48.8-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine. Choose from more than a dozen Bobcat® attachments, and with 20 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow, you can tackle the most challenging jobs with the E55.

All-day comfort

Bobcat M-Series excavators set new expectations for comfort, and the E55 is no exception. The E55 comes standard with an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, and a cloth seat for long days at the controls. To help make operating even simpler, a fingertip boom swing control is conveniently located on the joystick, freeing up foot room. Adjustable armrests, deluxe suspension seat and ergonomic foot pedals make it possible for you, whether you're large or small, to operate in comfort. An Auto Idle feature, available on all M-Series models, idles the engine after the machine functions are not used for more than four seconds. This makes it quieter and easier to have a conversation on a cell phone and saves fuel. To resume the previous throttle position, simply move the joystick or engage a travel function. An easy-to-turn rotary dial adjusts the engine speed.

Maintenance made easy

Bobcat has made it simple for you to get access to daily maintenance check points, such as fluids and belts, to ensure they are done according to the suggested service schedule. The E55 has fold-out cooling cores for cleaning, with no tools required. Easily remove the right-side channel with four fasteners for exceptional access to the control valve and hydraulic manifold.