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Spring 2011

It's Been Bobcat Equipment Since the Beginning of Up-and-Coming Landscaping Company

LandTec Services


The latest addition to the Bobcat lineup at LandTec Services is this M-Series E35.

LandTec Services, in Austin, Texas, is a commercial landscaping company that specializes in landscape installations, retaining walls, irrigation and residential landscaping. Manager/Member Brandon Parrish oversees the equipment acquisitions and usage for LandTec. He says the company sets itself apart from other companies by proactively monitoring its equipment use, cost of ownership and cost of rental. He helps LandTec keep the right mix of Bobcat® equipment and employees for its landscape services.

In 2010 the company purchased a new M-Series E35 compact excavator and an S650 skid-steer loader. For many companies, the Great Recession meant keeping compact equipment longer simply because the jobs weren't available and they couldn't afford to purchase new machines. Parrish and the employees have weathered the storm and continue their landscaping efforts by maximizing their equipment's productivity.

Parrish says the E35 is used on excavating projects to dig footings, build retaining walls, create drainage areas and break up concrete. The new M-Series S650 skid-steer loader is a real workhorse for the landscape crews who use it for nearly everything: excavating, grading (rough and fine), moving heavy materials with a bucket or pallet fork, lifting and carrying hard-to-handle materials with a grapple, digging holes with an auger and cleaning the jobsites with a sweeper.

Project spotlight

Project spotlight: This retaining wall projects was built by LandTec Services employees, using Bobcat compact loaders and excavators.

LandTec employee Ric Bergara says the S650 complements two other Bobcat loaders (an S185 and an S250) well on the jobsites. Bergara spends much of his time in the field, keeping an eye on the many LandTec jobs. He says changes between the previous generation and the M-Series model make a significant difference, including big ones like the new cab-forward design, and small ones like a stronger front step mounted to the lift arms that provides for easy entry and exit of the cab.

"From the first day I sat in the cab, I could tell the visibility improved; the operators can see much better in every direction," Bergara says. "They tell me the S650 is much quieter, which makes for a more comfortable workday."

The company also owns an MT55 mini track loader. It's matched with a trencher attachment for use in confined spaces, to install underground irrigation systems. It digs the trenches, and then employees attach a bucket to backfill, complete fine grading or move materials in and out of restricted areas. "It's one of our most versatile machines," Parrish says.

Quality equipment and service

Manager/Member Larry Quinn agrees with Parrish and Bergara about the versatility and durability of the Bobcat machines, and he attributes the company's success, in part, to the Bobcat equipment and his local dealer — Bobcat of Austin. "A Bobcat loader was the first piece of equipment that we bought," he says. "We continue to be impressed with the quality of the equipment and the service we receive from our dealer. I think everyone here would agree that we're working with the best and there is no reason for us to change.

"Our company sets itself apart from others with good relationships, by setting expectations with our customers and delivering on our expectations. Our customers know that we're going to deliver a good product."