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Spring 2011

For Landscape Contractor, Nothing Compares to His T630

Jeff Deady, Deady Landscape Construction LLC

Jeff Deady

Jeff Deady, Deady Landscape Construction LLC.

After several years of reliable production from his T190 compact track loader, Jeff Deady decided his landscape construction business would benefit from a larger machine.

His choice — a Bobcat® T630 compact track loader — turned out to be a wise one, but not before he checked out the competition and then purchased the M-Series loader without ever seeing or operating it.

"I grew up in a family that worked with Bobcat skid-steer loaders and I've owned my own for eight years," says the owner of Deady Landscape Construction LLC in Hingham, Mass. "I've been very satisfied with my 773 skid-steer loader — which I still use for snow removal — and the T190. When it was time to buy a bigger compact track loader, I figured I should take the time and look around to see what the best loader available was. "The competition was on par with older Bobcat machines," Deady continues, "but when the M-Series entered the picture, there was no comparison."

After reviewing the key features of the T630 on the Bobcat website and talking with his local dealer, Bobcat of Boston, he asked them to bring one out.


Jeff Deady's new M-Series T630 was instrumental in finishing this landscaping project on time.

"I saw the T630 in person for the first time when it was delivered to me," he recalls. "Very quickly I discovered that this is an unbeatable machine. It does some amazing things."

For example, he did a job spreading 700 yards of loam in two days, moving more than a yard of material at a time. "That's standard for this loader," he says. "The fact that the bucket rolls back as much as it does is very important when moving material. And, of course, the cab-forward design and larger windows provide plenty of visibility to the bucket."

Deady, who specializes in landscape construction, excavation and installation of sports surfaces (such as basketball and tennis courts) uses his T630 most often for grading.

"In addition to the improved visibility, I also really like the Bobcat Roller Suspension™ system — by far the best in the business — and the design of the tracks," he says. "In the past I had to stop every three or four hours to clean out dirt with a pry bar. I almost never have to clean the tracks on this machine; if I do it, it's almost always loose material."

Other favorable features of the M-Series machine, according to Deady, include outstanding lift power and strength; a comfortable, quiet cab; excellent maneuverability; and the ability to work in difficult ground conditions.

"Most often I work by myself," Deady says. "With the wide assortment of Bobcat attachments, the Power Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system and this loader, I can handle just about anything that comes my way. And do more work in less time."