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Spring 2011

Getting the Most out of its Machinery, and Doing it Comfortably

Pennsylvania park employees gain efficiencies with a Toolcat 5600, T320 and a dozen Bobcat attachments.

Toolcat 5600

The Toolcat machine is especially helpful for maintaining our trails, including mowing," says Keith Peters.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there's nothing better than spending a weekend on the lake, going for a hike surrounded by forests, wetlands and trails, or spending a day at the beach with family and friends. At Bald Eagle State Park in north central Pennsylvania, visitors can do all of these activities, thanks in part to a dedicated group of grounds maintenance employees and their versatile Bobcat® equipment.

The Bobcat machinery includes a Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine, a T320 compact track loader and 12 front-mounted attachments to maximize the staff's capabilities. All of the equipment was purchased from the local Bobcat dealership — Best Line Equipment.

Assistant Park Manager Tim Yeager helps oversee the more than 5,900 acres at the state park. It includes a 1,730-acre lake — named after Foster Joseph Sayers, a World War II soldier from Centre County — two campgrounds and a 16-room Nature Inn for year-round stays. The Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir features a 369-slip marina and is open from mid-May through October. According to Yeager, it is one of the top tournament lakes in the area, with many warm water fish species, including largemouth bass.

Equipment operator Keith Peters is an 18-year veteran at the park. He's intimately involved in the day-to-day operations and knows how much work it takes to keep the park looking its best. What is his preferred choice for grounds maintenance? A Toolcat 5600 utility work machine.

"The Toolcat machine is especially helpful for maintaining our trails, including mowing, and because of the spacious cargo box to store tools and supplies," Peters says. "The Toolcat 5600 is faster than most of our other equipment to get from one area to another quicker."

Toolcat 5600

A Toolcat machine mowing at Bald Eagle State Park.

Another important job for the grounds maintenance staff at the state park is keeping approximately 30 miles of trails clear of debris. "Once I step inside the Toolcat machine, I close the door, turn on the air conditioning and comfortably clean the trails with the angle broom attachment," he says. "And when I get out, I am not covered in dust. The 5600 keeps the angle broom covering more of the trail surface."

Four-wheel independent suspension

A four-wheel independent suspension for the Toolcat 5600 helps operators feel more comfortable. The system includes A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops, all providing a smoother ride. Each wheel travels up and down independently, isolating the Toolcat frame from changes in the terrain.

"We want equipment that's versatile and rugged, like the Toolcat 5600 — a machine that can easily travel across different terrains," Yeager says. A four-wheel independent suspension minimizes any operator discomfort when traveling from one spot to another. "We have good traction with all four tires on the ground on uneven terrain, and steering the machine on uneven terrain is easier than before."

All-wheel steering

When it comes to making tight turns or maneuvering around obstacles, the Toolcat machine's all-wheel steering feature is just the ticket. When employees need to make a short turn on a trail, they simply press the all-wheel steer switch, make the turn and then press the switch again to return to front-wheel steer mode. All-wheel steer minimizes disturbance to established areas such as grass and trails, but allows operators to complete a full turn in just under 18 feet. That's better than most tractors, utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

With all of these benefits, it's easy to understand why the grounds maintenance staff at Bald Eagle State Park enjoys operating the Bobcat equipment to help the park look its best year-round.

Toolcat with an angle broom.

Toolcat with an angle broom.

Toolcat machines get an updated engine and a performance boost

Bobcat continues to improve its exclusive line of Toolcat™ utility work machines. The new series provides more horsepower and more torque for improved attachment performance and acceleration. Operators will experience a 20 percent increase in attachment performance and a 15 percent increase in acceleration.

Toolcat utility work machines offer many of the best features of a skid-steer loader, pickup truck, utility vehicle and compact tractor in one machine. With a state-of-theart operating station, more than 40 front-mounted Bobcat® attachments, rear attachment and implement options (5610), and a cargo box (5600), Toolcat machines are a dream for any grounds maintenance application.

Add an optional enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning for even better operator (and passenger) comfort. An easy-to-reach joystick control provides for simple attachment operation. The operator has excellent visibility to the attachments and work area. A steering wheel makes operating a Toolcat utility work machine similar to steering a truck, compact tractor or utility vehicle.