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Spring 2011

Extendable arm now available for E32 and E35 excavators

New design now compatible with the clamp attachment and Hydraulic X-Change™ system

If you are looking for more reach from your compact excavator, the new Bobcat extendable-arm option may be just what you need. A new design includes replaceable composite wear pads to reinforce the excavator's structure and maintain its integrity. When needed, the Bobcat excavator's arm can be hydraulically extended up to 30 inches, and then retracted to its standard position for maximum arm force and lift performance.


New E55

This option is useful for Bobcat customers working in the utility industry, particularly in tight spaces when customers need the reach of an excavator without moving to a larger machine. The increased reach of the extendable arm allows you to dump spoil further away from the excavator and to reach further back into the trench for cleanout purposes. Loading trucks is easier, too, because the extendable arm allows you to place material more efficiently into the truck without moving the excavator.


The Bobcat extendable-arm option is the industry's only clamp-ready offering. For even better versatility, consider optioning your extendable arm with the Hydraulic X-Change™ system for faster attachment changes. The clamp is one of the most popular excavator attachments to lift, load and place materials. This will be particularly useful for you if you're working on hardscapes, such as walls, patios and ponds. You can minimize movements on finished landscapes with the new extendable-arm option for minimal repositioning.

Easy operation

The extendable arm cylinder is powered by the primary auxiliary circuit, and a paddle on the right-hand joystick controls the extension and retraction of the arm. When equipped with a clamp, the paddle on the left-hand joystick controls the clamp function. Together, it is a simple process to extend the arm and reach objects to lift and place them. Both the E32 and E35 are also available with the standard-arm and long-arm configurations.