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May 2011

Compact track loader videos help contractors compare performance, serviceability

Bobcat Company is proud to introduce the compact track loader Bobcat Advantage — a series of informative online videos to help contractors compare Bobcat compact track loader performance, serviceability, operator comfort, uptime protection and overall manufacturing quality with that of other manufacturers’ machines.

The first six, short videos compare Bobcat compact track loaders with similar models marketed by three competitors. Compact track loaders are compared in these areas:

- Cooling system advantages
- Hose routing comparison
- Multi-functioning advantages
- Pressurized cab comparison
- Roller suspension challenge
- Serviceability comparison

“It’s easy to read a spec sheet or a piece of literature and compare compact track loaders on paper,” said Greg Rostberg, marketing manager for Bobcat Company. “The real test is how the machines perform under load. There is a clear-cut difference that we want to show potential customers, and we feel Bobcat Advantage is the best way.”

Bobcat’s 17 compact excavator Bobcat Advantage videos were introduced last fall, and all videos can be viewed at The video segments can be easily viewed by anyone with access to the Web.