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Summer 2011

A link to success

Rodd Frank, Metalink Corporation

Rodd Frank, Metalink Corporation

For more than 15 years, Metalink Corporation has served the Central Texas community as a premier fence manufacturer, supplier and installer. Three Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and attachments play an important part in helping the small business remain successful.

Rodd Frank is a vice president at Metalink. He says Bobcat skid-steer loaders and attachments have contributed to the company's ongoing success, helping it weather the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009, and always known for their reliability.

Metalink serves homeowners, commercial companies and industrial facilities, setting itself apart with readily available inventory of materials, superior customer service and three dependable Bobcat skid-steer loaders — 773, S250 and S650.

"We fabricate our own materials, carry a large inventory, and that enables us to get on a jobsite quickly," Frank says. "If a customer needs a project done the next day, we have the inventory and the right equipment to get it completed."

Some of the company's projects have exceeded $300,000, including a major fence installation at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock, Texas.

"That was one of our biggest projects," Frank says. "We had our Bobcat loaders on that project for its duration, digging post holes for the fences and pouring concrete. The loaders carried the concrete in buckets from the truck to where it needed to be placed."

At the Cedar Ridge High School, the Bobcat loaders and augers efficiently dug the footings for the posts — something that would have been much more difficult and time consuming without the machines.

"Each post-hole footing was 12 inches in diameter and about 48 inches deep," Frank says. "With our Bobcat auger and rock bits, we dug a hole through tough rock in less than 30 minutes. Each hole would have taken us at least 15 minutes longer to dig with manual labor and a jackhammer. The labor can add up fast. The Bobcat loaders make a big difference in our business."

M-Series loader benefits

The durability of Bobcat loaders has gone a long way to help Metalink stay competitive. The company's 773 loader has more than 5,000 hours on it, while the S250 has approximately 3,600 hours. An S650 is the company's newest addition and has impressed Frank thus far.

"We bought the S650 to help us with the Colorado River Authority project in 2010," he says. "The operators like the cab-forward design with the improved visibility. It helps them when they're working in confined spaces. And the new bumper is nice because it minimizes damage to the tailgate.

"Access to routine maintenance items is important to us, and with the new S650, it's even easier to get to the key service areas. Our machines are in the field all of the time, so there's little room for downtime. And if something does need to be fixed, the operators can call the service department and get instructions to do it themselves."

With a dependable lineup of Bobcat loaders and attachments, Metalink is well positioned for continued growth.