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Summer 2011

M-Series excavator is 'worth waiting for'

When customers of Superior Rental discovered all the features of the Connecticut company's newest compact excavator, it became the machine of choice. In fact, the utilization rate for the Bobcat® E35 quickly went up to 100 percent. And beyond.

Mark Crispino, equipment manager at Superior Rental.

Mark Crispino, equipment manager at Superior Rental.

"We had a waiting list and probably lost some business because our customers preferred the E35 to other similar-size excavators we had in our fleet," says Mark Crispino, equipment manager for the 44-year-old Crispino family business. "It's much more user-friendly, and well worth waiting for."

With the recent ordering of two additional E35s from Bobcat of Connecticut in East Hartford, Crispino hopes to fill the demand for this popular M-Series machine.

"Bobcat has taken excavator design, technology and accessibility to another level, and our customers recognize that the E35 is far superior to what we had previously.

"I was a little reluctant to purchase our first Bobcat excavator because we had known the company for its loaders and attachments all these years. When I finally took a good look, I thought Bobcat had really stepped up and built an excavator with all the features that a rental center would want."

The Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) E35 is perfect for working in areas where space is limited. The M-Series has an advanced hydraulic system that provides more usable power for improved digging and smooth operation. Additional features include auto-shift drive, auto idle and fingertip controls for auxiliary hydraulics and boom swing functions. Reduced noise levels, improved climate control and convenient storage add to enhanced operator comfort, and customer satisfaction.

Three stores keep 100 employees busy

Superior Rental, with locations in Southington, South Windsor and Norwich and more than 100 employees, rents mostly to contractors, both large and small. While the majority of the excavator business is with contractors, the company's dozen S175 skid-steer loaders are popular with do-it-yourselfers.

"The S175 works best for all our customers," Crispino says. "The same for our seven T190 compact track loaders. We like to have the size of machine that is the best fit for everyone."

Crispino deals with about 40 different equipment manufacturers. He rates Bobcat best for:

  1. Product improvements
    "Every time we purchase a Bobcat machine it is better than the previous model," he says. "Competitive machines stay the same longer while Bobcat always comes up with something new and better."

  2. Customer service
    "Parts are always available," he says. "We have never waited more than two days, even for a specialty part. Other manufacturers often take several weeks to get their parts. That totally kills our business."

  3. Usage rates
    "Our Bobcat equipment has the highest usage rates of anything we rent," he says. "The M-Series excavator is at 100 percent; our T190s are between 80 and 90 percent and our S175s are rented about 70 percent of the available time."

With very little downtime, the Bobcat products at Superior Rental continue to be a good source of income.

"Bobcat has done well with staying ahead of the competition and we have done well with Bobcat equipment," Crispino concludes.