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Summer 2011

Bobcat attachments — built for the toughest jobs with steel clad reinforcement

Bobcat attachments feature the most durable components to ensure you're able to get work done on time, every time. Every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment is backed by an unmatched 12-month warranty.

S770 with breaker

S770 with breaker

Bobcat has been a leader in the compact equipment industry for more than five decades. During this time, the number of attachments for its compact tool carriers has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, Bobcat is the only major compact equipment manufacturer that also designs and manufactures a majority of its own attachments. The company's leadership is evident through the quality of engineering, network of supporting Bobcat dealers and an exclusive 12-month warranty on almost every attachment.

Attachment advantages

Attachments offer several advantages over dedicated machines. It's much easier to rent or purchase an attachment for your Bobcat® loader than it is to buy a dedicated machine. Attachments are considerably less expensive to own and maintain, and can be used for seasonal projects, such as snow removal. If your business picks up and you need more attachments, it's easy to rent them from your Bobcat dealer.

Smart technology

Bobcat engineers its attachments specifically for its compact equipment, and it shows by the technology, electronics, hydraulics and geometry. What does this mean for you? Bobcat attachments are designed to work at their fullest when paired with a Bobcat tool carrier, so you get the most out of the products and maximize your profitability. For example, smart hydraulics allow Bobcat machines to identify the attachment and lock out non-required functions — like high flow — to limit damage to the attachment and machine.

Laser-guided technology

For more precise grading accuracy, Bobcat offers a laser control system for use with its box blade and grader attachments. Adding the laser-guided system can improve grading to an accuracy of ± 0.25 inches. That can save you considerable material in concrete flatwork projects, even enough to pay for the attachment and the laser-guided system. Learn more at

Laser-guided grading

Laser control system for Bobcat loaders with grading attachment

Dealer support

Standing behind the product and supporting you are dealers who have the sales, service and parts you need to be successful. Bobcat has more compact equipment dealer locations in Canada and the United States than any other manufacturer. They're your partner — experts in compact equipment — and ready to help when you need additional attachments, whether it's for rental or purchase.

Continue reading on the following pages about some of the most popular attachments for agriculture, buildings and grounds, construction and landscaping professionals.