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Summer 2011

Attachments: Work never stops for grounds maintenance professionals

Work never stops for grounds maintenance professionals

Toolcat 5600D with sweeper attachment

Toolcat 5600D with angle broom attachment

There's hardly a day off for many grounds maintenance professionals, but thanks to Bobcat® tool carriers and attachments, work feels less like work and becomes more enjoyable. The reason for this is because Bobcat attachments take the strenuous work out of many projects and turn them into a simpler task. Here's how:

Keep surfaces clean and neat

Keeping parking lots, driveways and sidewalks clear of debris can be a year-round process. Even if you don't live in the Snowbelt, there's likely dirt, construction debris and trash that needs to be kept off of commercial properties. An attachment such as an angle broom or sweeper can quickly help you keep these areas clean. The sweeper even collects the debris so it can be dumped into a truck, roll-off box or garbage container.

S185 and Toolcat 5600D

S185 and Toolcat 5600D

Remove snow more efficiently

For snow removal professionals, Bobcat offers numerous front-mounted attachments and even some for the cargo boxes of its Toolcat™ utility work machines and utility vehicles. A snowblower or snow blade on the front of a Toolcat machine and a sand and salt spreader in the cargo box create quite an impressive snow mover and ice melter. This is particularly true for areas where larger wheel loaders or trucks and blades can't reach — jobs previously done with workers and shovels.

Lower costs

Many colleges and universities have learned that versatile tool carriers and attachments are often much less expensive than purchasing dedicated machines or outsourcing certain functions. Read about an example of this at the University of Rhode Island, where grounds maintenance professionals are making the most of their Toolcat 5600 utility work machines.

Read about five of the many popular buildings and grounds attachments.

Attachments for buildings and grounds maintenance

Angle broom attachment

Angle broom attachment

Angle broom — Brushes away dirt and debris

Efficiently remove dirt, sand, snow and other materials from driveways, sidewalks, jobsites, parking lots, loading docks and more with a hydraulically driven angle broom. Choose from three widths: 48, 68 and 84 inches. Adjust the angle broom with fingertip controls inside the loader. Poly, steel and heavy-duty bristles are available and are easy to replace.

Snow blade — Pushing unwanted snow aside

Quickly push snow from parking lots, driveways or sidewalks with a Bobcat snow blade. Five standard-duty models have widths from 60 to 96 inches; three heavy-duty models have widths of 86 to 108 inches. Hydraulic cylinders angle the moldboard left or right 30 degrees. High visibility masts help operators keep track of blade edges when working around obstacles.

Snowblower — Clearing snow has never been so fun

Blow snow and place it with more accuracy — as far as 40 feet — with a Bobcat snowblower. Clear snow from spaces where other equipment won't fit. Choose from four models with widths from 36 to 84 inches. Truck loading chutes are available for high-flow snowblowers and loaders.

Stump grinder — Turns stumps into mulch

Turn tree stumps into mulch with a stump grinder. With the SG60 and SGX60 models and carbide-tipped teeth, you can cut tree stumps up to 45 inches in diameter without repositioning your loader. These models have a 58-inch reach and 80-degree arc. Rubber deflecting shields and screening provide additional operator comfort and protection from wood chips.

Sweeper — Makes cleaning a snap

Sweep, collect and dump dirt and debris with the sweeper attachment. Poly bristles deposit materials in the container, which can be dumped when full. Operate in forward or reverse as you clean. An optional gutter brush allows you to clean curbs and hard-to-reach areas. Choose from seven models with widths from 36 to 84 inches.

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