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Summer 2011

Attachments: Widening opportunities for construction business owners

Attachments: Widening opportunities for construction business owners

They're rough, tough and ready to work. These aren't the Tonka® toys you played with in your sandbox when you were a kid. Bobcat® compact equipment and attachments are built for serious work. Gone are the days of depending on old-fashioned construction equipment to get the job done. You've got to be more resourceful and look for new ways to improve how you complete projects. That's what Bobcat attachments are designed to do.

S650 with industrial grapple

S650 with industrial grapple

Grow your areas of expertise

Many times owners position themselves in a particular construction application but don't take advantage of useful attachments. For example, if you're a contractor who does final grading for a homebuilder, you could likely do some or all of the landscaping by adding a soil conditioner, digging irrigation lines with a trencher or maintaining the site with an angle broom or sweeper.

If machine utilization is much less than 100 percent, then buying or renting attachments is a natural way to expand your business offerings with minimal risk. Items such as augers, rotary cutters, hydraulic breakers and grapples are readily available at your Bobcat dealership and present revenue opportunities when paired with your Bobcat tool carrier.

T870 with planer

T870 with planer

Beyond buckets

While a traditional Bobcat bucket might seem like enough for many customers, there are many advantages of looking at other attachments. Take a combination bucket. It can do the work of four different attachments in one. Not sure if you can afford to buy one? Try renting first. Grading is another area where buckets work, but a box blade or grader attachment will do a better job, especially if you're a concrete contractor doing flatwork. There's even a laser-guided system available for precise grading and significant savings in materials.

Superior visibility

Operators require good visibility to front-mounted attachments and the working area, and Bobcat attachments set the industry standard for attachment visibility. A cab-forward design in the M-Series loaders makes this even more evident.

Combination bucket — 4 attachments in 1

Maximize your productivity with a combination bucket. The combination bucket allows you to dig, carry and dump materials, lift hard-to-handle materials with the grapple, and level and spread material with the clamshell. Choose from six sizes with widths of 44 to 84 inches. Models 62 inches and larger have replaceable cutting edges on the rear of the clamshell and dozer.

Dozer blade — All of the power in a compact package

Turn your loader into a powerful dozing machine with the Bobcat dozer blade. Use it to level, pile and grade loose dirt, gravel and sand; backfill; fill trenches; and shape landscape areas. Make adjustments with the six-way blade from the loader cab with electric-over-hydraulic controls. Choose from five models with widths of 48 to 96 inches.

Grader — Get serious about moving dirt

For improved leveling, match a grader attachment with your Bobcat loader or Toolcat™ utility work machine. The grader features a six-way, hydraulically controlled moldboard operated with switches mounted on the steering levers. Add a laser control package for more accuracy — down to ± 0.25 inches. Three models are available with 7-, 8- or 9-foot moldboards.

Hydraulic breaker — Makes quick work of concrete

For demolition and concrete removal, choose reliable Bobcat HB-Series breakers. Bobcat matches the hydraulic capacity of the loader to the breaker for consistent machine-to-breaker performance. Seven models are available and all offer low noise and vibration levels. Bobcat breakers are virtually maintenance-free for maximum uptime.

Industrial grapple — Holding on tight

Industrial grapples are ideal for transporting hard-to-handle materials on construction sites and at industrial facilities. They keep a tight hold on materials to ensure they make it to their destination. Raise and lower grapple tines from fingertip controls on steering levers. Eight models are available, ranging from 36 to 80 inches. Fork and bucket styles are available.

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