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Summer 2011

Attachments: Picturesque landscapes start with Bobcat attachments

Picturesque landscapes start with Bobcat attachments

Landscape specialists have many attachments to choose from to take a dirt canvas and turn it into a beautifully landscaped design. From clearing existing landscaping and hardscape materials to installing new trees, flowers, shrubs, pavers or boulders, Bobcat has the attachment to help you do it more efficiently.

A770 with auger

A770 with auger

Set the stage

Set the landscape stage with attachments such as the root grapple to clear organic material while leaving the dirt behind. Then, attach a landplane or the landscape rake to prepare the soil base, pull unwanted items from the soil and level it for the next step. A landscape rake is another helpful tool to smooth and level the soil. A tiller easily breaks up clumps, tills and mixes soil and compost material. With a Bobcat® loader and pallet fork, carry pallets of sod, bricks, pavers or seed.

Preparing the new landscape

Next, dig holes for new trees or shrubs with an auger; trench or use a vibratory plow for underground irrigation systems; place boulders with a clamp, rotating grapple or three-tine grapple — the possibilities are endless with a little imagination and some Bobcat machines and attachments. For confined spaces where larger equipment won't fit, try a Bobcat mini track loader to replace manual work done with shovels and wheelbarrows. And if you have to travel across established surfaces, the rubber track undercarriage will minimize disturbance for less rework later.

Finishing touches

Once the landscape features are set, lay sod with the sod roller or plant new seed with the seeder attachment. Finally, sweep away dirt and debris from adjacent parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and paths with a Bobcat angle broom or sweeper attachment.


The Bobcat three-tine grapple is available in two sizes. When paired with a compact excavator, they are the ideal tool to move and place landscaping boulders.

Auger — Makes its living digging holes

Drill 6- to 42-inch-wide holes with a Bobcat auger attachment. An ideal solution for drilling new holes for fence posts. Quickly dig through the toughest soils with high-torque power. The auger attachment is available in fi ve models and a variety of bits and teeth designs are available to best match ground conditions.

Landplane — Preparing soil before seed or sod

The landplane is an ideal attachment for site preparation projects. They include grading, leveling, removing soil, sorting debris from soil, aerating and transporting material. Cutting edges on the front and rear make quick work of leveling the soil. Three models are available with widths of 48, 72 and 78 inches. Deluxe models include a scarifier assembly and expanded metal grate.

Landscape rake — Puts hand rakes out of work

The landscape rake can replace a team of workers with rakes. You travel across the ground, collecting surface debris while smoothing the soil. Pick up rocks and other debris, and then empty them from the bucket. Adjustable side skis provide depth control to best match the soil conditions. Two models are available with 60- and 72-inch working widths.

Seeder — Seed falls on good soil; minimizes waste

Finish landscape installations with this efficient seeder attachment. Place seed with proper spacing and at precisely the right depth. Apply seed at the rate of more than 2 acres per hour. Rear rollers cover the seed. Seed is stored in a 4-bushel hopper. Can be mounted to a 3-point hitch for compact tractors or the Toolcat™ 5610 utility work machine or on the Bob-Tach™ system of Bobcat loaders or the Toolcat utility work machine.

Soil conditioner — A landscaper's sculpting tool

Sculpt and shape landscapes; level rough spots; and sort out debris to prepare for new seed or sod with the Bobcat soil conditioner attachment. Operate the attachment in forward or reverse, depending on your preferred style. The soil conditioner can be angled up to 25 degrees left or right. Bobcat offers eight models, including high-flow versions for compatible loaders

Trencher — Like a hot knife through butter

Why hire someone else to dig trenches when you can do it yourself? Use a Bobcat trencher attachment to dig trenches for utility or irrigation systems. Available cupped or carbide-tipped teeth help the trench to easily pass through a variety of soil conditions. A side-shift feature enables you to work close to walls. Eight models are available with dig depths from 2 to 5 feet.

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