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Early Fall HOWA 2011

Bobcat utility vehicles upgrade operator comforts

Coming this fall, there will be three significant changes to Bobcat® utility vehicles. They include making electronic power steering standard equipment on select 3400, 3400XL and 3450 diesel models; adding tilt steering on all four models; and providing an optional dealer-installed kit to increase the top speed to 35 miles per hour.

Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle

Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle.

Electronic power steering

Electronic power steering gives you better maneuverability in close turns at low speeds and helps reduce operator fatigue. This is especially true with the 3450 model when it's equipped with a front-mounted attachment and carrying up to 500 pounds. It simply requires less effort to make turns.

Tilt steering

If you frequently get on and off of your utility vehicle, the tilt steering (pictured right) will make it easier for you with better access to the operator's seat, and it provides more operator comfort.

Inside the cab of a Bobcat utility vehicle

Inside the cab of a Bobcat utility vehicle.

35 mph top speed

Lastly, if you want to increase your Bobcat utility vehicle's top speed, a new kit will allow you to raise it from 30 to 35 mph. Note: This excludes the 3200 gas model.