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Early Fall HOWA 2009

Bobcat Introduces New Soil Preparation Tools

New three-point hitch implements available for compact tractors and Toolcat 5610

There are two new Category 1 three-point hitch implements available from Bobcat Company for soil preparation. The first is a three-point soil conditioner, available in two sizes with working widths of 60 and 72 inches. The second new implement is a three-point disc harrow, also available in two sizes with working widths of 72 and 84 inches.

Three-point soil conditioners

Whether you need to remove old sod, separate rocks and debris, or grade and level topsoil before new sod or seed is placed, the Bobcat® three-point soil conditioner is the ideal tool to complete these tasks. The soil conditioner is powered by the compact tractor or Toolcat™ 5610 rear PTO. The soil conditioner's carbide-tipped teeth cultivate the ground to produce a smooth finish. To achieve various cutting depths, simply adjust the rear bolster wheels on the soil conditioner.

  • Drum angle option is available in manual or hydraulic.
  • Removable end plates make it easier to spread material evenly.
  • A rubber barrier above the drum keeps dirt clumps from passing over the drum until they are pulverized.
  • A storage stand is provided for easy removal and storage.

Bobcat disc harrow implement

Bobcat three-point disc harrow for compact tractors.

Three-point disc harrows

New Bobcat three-point disc harrows can easily break up the soil surface to prepare it for new seedbeds and plantings. Four sets or "gangs" of five 18-inch discs cultivate the soil and chop unwanted debris, such as weeds or old crops. These gangs are adjustable to provide different cutting depths and aggressions.

These new implements are available for select Bobcat compact tractors and the Toolcat 5610 utility work machine. The soil conditioners and disc harrows are approved for CT225 to CT450 tractors and the 5610. The 72-inch disc harrow is approved for CT225 to CT335 compact tractors and the Toolcat 5610. The 84-inch disc harrow is approved for the CT335 to CT450 models.

Visit the implements page to see more photos and get more specs for these new three-point hitch implements from Bobcat Company.