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Early Fall HOWA 2009

Familiar Name Sells Acreage Owner on Bobcat Tractor

Longtime owner-operator upgrades to a new CT225 compact tractor

Charles Hamerin

Longtime Bobcat owner-operator Charles Hamerin traded in his old tractor and skid-steer loader seat for something a little more comfortable — a new Bobcat CT225.

Acreage owner Charles Hamerin, Zionsville, Ind., has been familiar with the Bobcat brand for decades, although it wasn't until he was looking for a new tractor that he learned about the family of Bobcat® compact tractors and implements.

Once an experienced Bobcat owner operator, Hamerin is in his mid-60s and decided it was time to sell his skid-steer loader and an older tractor for a new, more comfortable Bobcat CT225 from Bobcat of Dayton. The 27-horsepower Bobcat compact tractor is the ideal size to maintain his acreage in rural Indiana.

Easy to operate

Equipped with a loader on the front and a box blade implement on the back, he operates the CT225 for grading and land clearing projects, as well as day-to-day lifting and carrying tasks. "The tractor is small enough to get around the trees on my properties and it's very easy to operate, even for my 17-year-old granddaughter," he says.

"I can quickly load mulch or rocks in the bucket, or I'll use it for some light digging." A durable machine was important in his search for a new tractor. "The Bobcat tractor has more metal than most of the of other brands I looked at, and I looked at nearly every manufacturer before I chose Bobcat," Hamerin says.

Dealer support

Already familiar with his local Bobcat dealership because of his previous excavator and loader business, Hamerin said the dealership's proximity and quality customer service played a significant role in his decision. He says he can count on his Bobcat dealership to get the parts he needs to service his equipment sooner than others he dealt with.

A recognizable brand name, easy-to-operate controls and a strong relationship with the local Bobcat dealer made this an easy decision for Charles Hamerin. Read more about the Bobcat CT225 compact tractor and implements at the CT225 tractor page.

Early excavator still running two decades later

Although Charles Hamerin sold his Bobcat skid-steer loader, he kept the Bobcat 100 compact excavator he bought in 1987 — one of the earliest Bobcat excavator models — for the occasional project. He previously partnered his Bobcat compact excavator and loader together, creating a Bobcat System, to install underground septic tanks.

Charles Hamerin

Charles Hamerin gives a walk-around of his Bobcat 100 excavator.

On one occasion, he arrived at a jobsite and noticed another contractor digging with a tractor loader backhoe (TLB). According to Hamerin, the TLB operator looked at the Bobcat compact excavator and said, "What are you going to do with that toy?" Hamerin replied, "I'm going to do the same thing you're doing." The TLB operator was digging a trench to install a new underground power line; Hamerin was hired to dig nearby for a water line. "By noon, I was done and he was still digging. I dug my trench, installed the water line and covered it up," he says. That TLB owner bought a Bobcat compact excavator shortly thereafter.