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Early Fall HOWA 2009

Great Bobcat Tractor Pull Contest Coverage

The Great Bobcat Tractor Pull Contest

The Great Bobcat Tractor Pull Contest is your chance to tell us how you would use a Bobcat® compact tractor to pull yourself out of tough jobs. If your entry is among the most descriptive, creative and compelling, you could win the grand prize: a Bobcat CT230 compact tractor! The second-place entry wins a Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle.

Snapshots from weekly winners

Weekly and monthly winners have been selected throughout the contest. Here are excerpts of a few weekly winning entries judges have selected thus far.

Raina and Jeffrey Anderson

Raina Anderson, Holt, Mo.

We plan on enlarging our existing farm pond to make a technical water feature for dog training — including channels, islands and points. Since the existing pond is currently stocked with bass and bluegill, we need to incorporate fish habitat by strategically placing trees and rock in the new pond to facilitate breeding. Adding catfish spawning areas is something that we would also consider, and this involves large concrete or rock slabs stacked to make caves and shelves. Pictured with Raina is her husband, Jeffrey.

Fenning family

Greg Fenning, Bedford, Va.

The kids have decided that planting Christmas trees and pumpkins is a way to stimulate their own economy. Consequently soil must be prepared and fertilized, fencing must be installed to keep the deer out and the rows between trees must be brush-hogged. This Bobcat tractor will help my kids see that with proper planning, hard work and the right tools, it is still possible to take a small dream and make it a success. Pictured left to right are Greg's children: Eric, Anna, Emily, and Keeley.

Jed Baum

Jed Baum, Gardiner, N.Y.

We have a year-round mountain stream, and I dream of installing a micro-hydroelectric plant. If I had a Bobcat tractor with a backhoe attachment, I could dig a 1,000-foot trench to lay piping that would supply water to the turbine, bringing eco-friendly power to our home and barns. The Bobcat tractor with backhoe would also be great for digging the clay from our stream bed that we use in our pottery studio.

Derek Beard

Derek Beard, Frankfort, Ky.

I would improve overall habitat conditions on our farm. I would eradicate fescue fields that are of no value to wildlife. Then I would plant native warm-season grasses and forbs that provide food for the wildlife, as well as cover for nesting, brood-rearing and escape from predators. Once grasses are established, I would set up a strip-disking routine to keep the habitat at an early succession stage.

Alan Horowitz

Alan Horowitz, Lockport, N.Y.

Having 16 acres sounded great … but, I had no clue what was involved in keeping it maintained. I would mow down the overgrown 7 acres with a field and brush mower. I would then plant more corn, sunflower, shade trees, blackberries and potatoes. I would move rocks out of that field, pull stumps, plant a few posts, mow, move topsoil into low areas, spread gravel on the driveway, fertilize, weed, harvest … And that's just Saturday.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson, Boerne, Texas

We have a 300-acre cattle ranch with more than four miles of 50-year-old fence that must be repaired. We also maintain our bottomland grazing area for livestock and wildlife. And we have miles of caliche road that must be kept drivable since we receive 1- to 2-inch-per-hour downpours in the Texas hill country. These "gullywashers" can destroy sections of road in a matter of hours.

Dale Flinn

Dale Flinn, Lansing, N.Y.

My wife's plan is to raise American Heritage chickens and help save some of the rarer breeds from disappearing. To prepare a suitable place for birds we have bushes to clear, trees to pull and fences to raise. We have a small stream that will be a perfect place for a duck pond once we clear the bank and carve out a nice pool with easy access and a natural flow of water.

Mike and Sandra Sublett

Mike Sublett, Sanford, N.C.

We used all our resources to purchase 77 wooded acres last year on the Deep River. We will be building more than two miles of fences. More than 750 post holes will be required for the perimeter alone and at least that many will be required for cross fencing. We will be planting hundreds of trees and maintaining them afterward. Planting, mowing, trimming, fertilizing and spraying: all can be accomplished with the right tools. Pictured with Mike is his wife, Sandra.

Jeff Hatfield

Jeff Hatfield, Marquette, Mich.

We market produce through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program where 150 families commit to purchasing 20 weeks of produce from our farm throughout the growing season. The Bobcat compact tractor is perfectly matched to our chisel plow, disc and PTOdriven rototiller used to prepare our 7 acres of vegetables. Pulling the hay wagon full of transplants to the veggie fields is another task, and the Bobcat compact tractor would make short work of weed control.

Donna Cobain

Donna Cobain, Camp Creek, W.Va.

I take in horses that have been abused. With a Bobcat compact tractor, I could grade and maintain my quarter-mile-long gravel switchback that serves as a driveway. Often, I have to unload abused horses at the bottom of the mountain and then walk them up to the barn. If I could maintain my driveway it would be safer for a truck to pull a horse trailer to the barn.

Read more winning entries at on the contest page and don't forget to submit your entry for a chance to win a new Bobcat compact tractor or utility vehicle.