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Fall 2011

2011 Snow Guide: One Step Ahead

snow pusher

Bobcat loader with snow pusher

Bobcat stays in the lead with a full-service package of snow removal machines and attachments, and the largest compact equipment dealer network for parts, service and rental needs.

No one in the compact equipment industry knows snow removal better than Bobcat Company. It starts with more Bobcatģ products, including interchangeable attachments for snow removal, to improve the rate at which snow can be removed. Itís backed by unmatched operator comfort and visibility from the operatorís cab, and a dealer support network ó with parts and service ó to ensure youíre ready when you need your equipment most.

The right attachment can be the key to successful snow removal. Bobcat offers several different snow removal attachments to best fit your needs, and many may be used across multiple products. A selection of popular snow removal attachments are featured here.

Masters of versatility

snow blade

Bobcat snow blade attachment


Bobcat snowblower attachment

Having a hard time digging out? Quickly clear snow from sidewalks, trails, driveways or parking lots with a Bobcat snowblower attachment. The hydraulically ó or PTO ó driven attachment is controlled from the comfort of the operatorís cab ó preferably in a heated cab. Choose from four models, with widths from 36 to 84 inches, to best match your application. Blow snow as far as 40 feet with precision, even load a truck with a chute that is available for high-flow snowblower models ó ideal when thereís no place to pile it.

Angle brooms
Itís just too easy. For those light dustings of snow, attach an angle broom to a Bobcat loader, Toolcatô utility work machine or telehandler and quickly sweep it away. Available in three widths, the angle broomís poly bristles remove snow with minimal disruption to the surface below. Make angle broom adjustments with easy-to-use fingertip controls to easily adjust where the snow is placed.

snow pusher

Bobcat snow pusher attachment

angle broom

Bobcat angle broom attachment

Snow V-blades
Canít decide whatís best? Hereís one attachment with five options. Pick your preferred configuration to push snow efficiently with a Bobcat V-Blade attachment. Configurations include: V-blade to clear a path through deep snow; straight blade to pile snow; scoop blade to scoop, push or pile snow; or angle blade to push snow 30 degrees left or right. Another option are Bobcat snow blades, with standard-duty and heavy-duty models. Hydraulic cylinders angle the moldboard left or right 30 degrees.


Bobcat spreader attachment

Snow pushers
This one is no pushover. Push large amounts of snow with a Bobcat snow pusher attachment. Designed for use with Bobcat compact loaders, Toolcat utility work machines and the V417 telehandler, this orange-colored attachment is particularly useful for clearing parking lots and driveways, especially at night. Protect the surface with a free-floating blade that can be lifted and tilted. Two models are available in widths of 96 or 120 inches. A rubber cutting edge is standard, while a polyurethane option can be installed by your dealer.

Distribute sand and salt to help melt snow and ice with a Bobcat spreader attachment. Two front-mounted spreaders, including a hydraulic version, are available for Bobcat compact loaders and compact tractors. For the ultimate snow removal combination, equip a Toolcat 5600 utility work machine with a spreader in its cargo box and a snow-clearing attachment on the front; a great combination for many colleges and universities.