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Fall 2011

Two Ohio Contractors Handle Growing Workload with New M-Series Excavators

Contractors add M-Series machines for new business opportunities

Leonard Steiner and Mike Lallo are two Ohio excavating contractors who have relied on Bobcat® excavators for years. In 2011, both firms are benefiting from the added M-Series power and speed, to dig and handle materials better and complete jobs faster. And they do the work in a more comfortable cab environment.

Leonard Steiner: keeps busy by having the right equipment

Leonard Steiner

Leonard Steiner, Steiner Trenching

Keeping busy during 2011 has not been a problem for Leonard Steiner. His eight-year-old business, which does trenching, excavating, grading and utility installation, has been growing so fast that at times he has difficulty staying ahead.

One of his goals is to keep all of his customers satisfied. So with the work piling up, how does he keep everyone happy?

“An important component is having equipment that can do what the customer wants me to do and to do it right the first time,” says the owner of Steiner Trenching of Dalton, Ohio. With that in mind, he has stocked up on Bobcat equipment, including an E45 compact excavator.

Ideal for waterproofing jobs
A very wet spring made many homeowners aware of problems they didn’t know they had, Steiner points out when discussing one of the reasons for his increased workload — basement waterproofing. Thankfully he had just purchased a new E45 excavator from Bobcat of Wooster and was able to dedicate the machine to waterproofing jobs.

Leonard Steiner

A new M-Series E45 compact excavator has kept Leonard Steiner on schedule with his many projects, including adding new services such as waterproofing for homeowners.

“My employees and I dig around the bottom of the foundation so the waterproofing company can do their work, and then we return to backfill,” he says. “We always put in a new foundation drain outlet and downspout drains. We can backfill 10 to 20 feet of basement wall without moving the excavator. Using an excavator for this type of work allows us to do a better job and one that is easier on the landscape. The waterproofing projects have really worked out well.”

Steiner, who previously owned a Bobcat 331 excavator and still owns a 435, says the M-Series improvements available in the E45 makes it the “best machine available on the market today.”

The E45 is a 41.8-horsepower machine that has a dig depth of 10 feet 10 inches, and a reach of 18 feet 7 inches.

“The first thing I noticed was the swing speed of the boom,” he says. “It’s amazingly quick. I also like having the boom-swing control located on the left joystick. That’s a big improvement.”

In evaluating the M-Series excavator, Steiner says it has more digging power, a much nicer, roomier cab and superior controls. “And considering all the grading and backfilling we do, the angle blade option has really helped improve productivity,” he notes.

Steiner equips his excavators with 12-, 18- and 24-inch buckets, as well as a grading bucket, and he likes the fact that his Bobcat dealer has such a large inventory of attachments for rent. He has rented a hydraulic breaker, clamp, plate compactor and auger.

“All of the Bobcat products I’ve used have done a good job,” he says. “Without them I wouldn’t have this amount of work.”

Mike Lallo: new excavator substantially increases production

Mike Lallo

Mike Lallo, L & S Concrete

The decision of Mike and Jason Lallo to build their concrete business around a compact excavator has proven to be a blueprint for efficiency. The cousins own L & S Concrete of Mentor, Ohio, a company that specializes in replacing existing driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, as well as repairing streets.

“We needed something that could work quickly and was versatile,” Mike says. “An excavator seemed like the best for what we needed a machine to do — ripping out, grading and trenching. It was just a matter of which brand to buy.”

Their choice was a Bobcat 331 compact excavator, purchased from the Bobcat of Cleveland store located in Bedford Heights, Ohio.

“Once we got the Bobcat excavator our business increased, as we could take on more jobs, especially those in limited access areas,” Mike says. “Previously we did this work by hand, rented an excavator or subbed it out. Now we could do more work with one machine and our overhead costs went down because we eliminated rentals and subcontractors. The excavator worked out great.”

Mike Lallo

L & S Concrete co-owner Mike Lallo appreciates the roomy comfort of the cab and good visibility when he’s working in his new M-Series E42 excavator.

Within three years of purchasing the excavator, business at L & S Concrete increased 25 percent.

“The Bobcat excavator enabled us to rip out 1,500 to 1,800 square feet of concrete a day, haul it away, and sometimes even pour the new driveway the same day” Mike says. “As our volume of work increased, the jobs became bigger and we needed to be even more efficient.”

They accomplished that goal with the addition of an E42. That 41.8-horsepower M-Series excavator has a dig depth of 10 feet 6 inches, and a reach of 17 feet 3 inches.

Did it make a difference?
“We increased production 30 to 40 percent,” Mike says. “The E42 is unparalleled. It gave us a bigger machine with more lifting capacity and the ability to use larger buckets. We can take out driveways faster and load quicker. In fact, we had to purchase another truck to keep up with the excavator.”

He says the E42, about the same size as the 331, has three times the power. That’s why they can take on jobs such as ripping out 8-inch-thick parking lots and load 8-foot-by-8-foot blocks of concrete.

“In this economy, pricing is critical,” Mike says. “The E42 allows us to compete because we can do more work in less time.”