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Fall 2011

Wait No More … Fresh Concrete Is Here

Metered Concrete

Donald (father), Jonathan, Joey and Jason Parmer (left to right).

Swimming pool installer adds metered concrete division to improve concrete delivery and supplement revenues

Waiting for concrete for swimming pool installations motivated business owner Donald Parmer to find his own source. In 2006, Parmer and his three sons expanded their family-owned company with the addition of a concrete production division called Parmer Metered Concrete. Since then, the company’s metered concrete revenue has grown by double digits each year.

“I started the concrete metering business because I was always waiting for concrete,” Parmer says. “The economy was booming, everyone was busy and I could never get it. My three sons — Joey, Jason and Jonathan — thought it was a good idea to complement our swimming pool business.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for the Parmers because shortly after they added the metered concrete business, the Great Recession began and their pool installation business fell dramatically. They offset their pool revenue by providing onsite concrete to customers in Central Pennsylvania, thanks to their trucks and mobile concrete mixers.

Parmer Metered Concrete is located in Hershey, Pa., otherwise known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” where for 32 years Donald has installed new in-ground swimming pools. During those 32 years he has always owned and operated Bobcat® compact loaders.

“We’ve never had anything but Bobcat loaders,” he says. “I’ve owned between 15 and 20 loaders for backfilling, grading and installing new yards.”

“Pay for what you use”

Today Parmer has three Bobcat loaders. An S330 is operated daily at the company’s concrete plant where it loads the natural concrete sand and three-quarter-inch stone into the concrete trucks. It also unloads pallets of Portland cement and mortar.

“We store the sand and stone here, and it goes on either side of the truck,” Parmer says. “We back up the truck, add the sand, stone, Portland cement and water, and the truck is ready. Metered concrete trucks like ours are unique. We mix onsite. Our customers pay for what they use, and most importantly, it is fresh concrete right out of the mixer.”

In addition to the S330, Parmer owns a T180 compact track loader and a S130 skid-steer loader that are used daily to backfill and grade around new pool installations. All three machines were purchased from his local Bobcat dealer — Bobcat of Susquehanna (a Best Line Equipment location).

“The T180 is the greatest thing in the world to backfill swimming pools,” he says. “It has a lot of power and provides the operator with good visibility, which is especially helpful in our line of work because of the tight areas where we’re working. The S130 comes in handy on my farm too, and I’ll use it with a snowblower in the winter to plow; our S330 clears snow at our plant.”

One of the many reasons why Parmer has remained with Bobcat through the years has been the good trade-in value he gets when he’s ready to purchase a new machine. Quality service from the Bobcat dealer’s mechanic goes a long way.