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Bobcatalog 2012

Bobcat excavators offer unmatched performance and operator comfort

Compact excavators have many advantages over larger tractor loader backhoes


The 324 is a Conventional Tail Swing excavator with a retractable undercarriage for access to tight areas.


The 418 is a Zero Tail Swing machine with a retracted track width of less than 28 inches wide for access to tight spaces.

The best collection of compact excavators just got better with the addition of two high-performance machines. Since last year’s WorkSaver® BobCatalog issue, joining the group of Bobcat® M-Series excavators are the E26 and the E55. They join an equipment lineup already loaded with exceptional machines that set the standard for the industry in terms of productivity, comfort and serviceability. There are now nine M-Series excavators: three Conventional, four Minimal and two Zero Tail Swing models. Bobcat also has two smaller machines — the 418 and 324 — for traveling through narrow openings and working in ultra-tight jobsites (indoors or outside).


Extendable-arm option gives you another two-and-a-half feet of dig depth.


The E26 is a Minimal Tail Swing machine with a width of just 60 inches.

Why a compact excavator?
Compact excavator popularity continues to grow, especially when compared to tractor loader backhoes. Bobcat compact excavators provide enhanced spoil placement, superior visibility, a tracked undercarriage and are more fuel efficient, as much as 40 percent less than a tractor loader backhoe in an 8-hour workday. Also, compact excavators cost considerably less than larger equipment, and you can do many of the same tasks, more efficiently.

Ultimate digging performance
Once you’ve operated a Bobcat M-Series excavator, it’s easy to see why they rate so high with owners. They have more engine horsepower than other brands of the same size and generate more hydraulic horsepower under maximum flow and maximum pressure. That results in faster cycle times under load.


The E42 has 20 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow to power nearly a dozen different attachments.


Available in a long-arm or extendable-arm configuration for applications that require more dig depth and reach.

Engineering features such as a closed center valve system, load-sensing piston pump and cushioned work group cylinders enable M-Series machines to operate at maximum power, speed, predictability and control. Advanced hydraulics produce consistent oil flow to all functions. That means consistent operation without sacrificing cycle times.

An auto-idle function — standard on all M-Series excavators — automatically idles the engine when machine functions are not used for 4 seconds and allows for improved communications and fuel savings. The auto-shift function — standard on models E26 through E55 — automatically shifts the machine out of high range and back again, optimizing travel performance.


The E50 is a Minimal Tail Swing unit with less than an inch of tail overhang.


The Zero Tail Swing E45 has just 3.7 psi ground pressure to minimize damage to established surfaces.

Comfort cab
Bobcat M-Series excavators set the industry standard for operator comfort and visibility to the work area. With the most cab space in the industry, the largest cab entry/exit room, adjustable suspension seat and arm rests, fold-up foot pedals, lockable storage for personal items and low noise levels, you are sure to spend your time working productively and be less fatigued at the end of the day. Other features such as a radio-ready cab, fingertip-controlled boom swing and a superior climate control system create a top-of-the-line work environment.

Attachments drive productivity
With a large variety of Bobcat attachments available, you can maximize your excavator investment and limit the need for multiple machines. Change attachments quickly and easily with the exclusive X-Change mounting system, or even more conveniently with the optional Hydraulic X-Change mounting system. Both are available on most models.


More than 13 feet of dig depth and 21 feet of reach makes the E60 a popular choice for many trenching applications.


The E55 is one of five Bobcat excavators available with the optional angle blade for backfilling and grading.

In addition to attachments, an optional hydraulically activated angle blade is available for select Bobcat compact excavators. You can backfill and grade faster and with more precision. The angle blade adjusts ± 25 degrees and enables you to push material to either side of the machine when grading and backfilling. That means you can complete projects faster with fewer passes.

Uptime protection
Bobcat is also the leader in protection features to maximize your uptime, such as automatic machine shutdown, on-board diagnostics, battery rundown protection and sealed connectors. These features and several others are available on most Bobcat excavators.


The E80 is an 8-metric-ton Compact Tail Swing machine for heavy-duty jobs.

When you need to do more work in less time and less space, there is sure to be a Bobcat excavator that fits your situation. Ask your local Bobcat dealer for a demonstration.