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Bobcatalog 2012

Builder works overtime with M-Series excavator

M-Series excavator is paired with Bobcat loader for numerous construction jobsite projects

Jason and Randy Huck

Jason and Randy Huck

For someone who doesn’t want to be in the excavating business full-time, Randy Huck is sure spending a lot of time in his E35. That’s because the Bobcat® M-Series machine is versatile, completes jobs quickly, is fuel-efficient and is comfortable to operate.

“My life has been wonderful since I purchased the E35,” says Randy, who owns Huck Bros. Builders, Russell, Penn., with his twin brother Bob. “This is the excavator I was waiting for. It’s very impressive.”

The Huck brothers knew they were going to be builders since they were six or seven years old, and for the 36 years they have been in business, they have never had a day without work. “We have survived at least three recessions,” Randy says.

Full-service approach
One of the reasons they stay busy is the way they approach residential building.

“Our preference is to do the entire project, from digging the foundation to shaking the customer’s hand when we are done,” Randy says. “We’re carpenters, plumbers and electricians; the only things we sub out are heating and carpet-laying.”

Even though the residential building market is slower these days, the brothers have stayed busy doing additions, remodeling and home maintenance. An 11-year-old Bobcat loader and the new excavator are paired and used on most jobs to excavate, backfill and move materials.

Randy works in the building business with his son, Jason, and brother during the day, evenings and weekends, with the E35 purchased from Bobcat of Erie.

Fuel-efficient and quiet
“Once people heard we had the new excavator and learned of its capabilities, there have been plenty of calls,” he says. “On one recent job, I dug about 200 feet to install electric and water lines from a house to a barn. The customer was amazed by how quickly the work was completed and how quiet the E35 was. I talked with him while the machine switched to auto idle. That’s a great idea for lowering the noise, improving communication and conserving fuel.”

His son also likes the auto-idle feature, as well as several other features of the excavator.

“The climate-controlled cab is very nice, with lots of ‘creature comforts,’” Jason says. “I use the hydraulic clamp all the time for picking up logs and other items; it makes work a little easier. I also like the auto-shift feature. Bobcat has built a very well-thought-out machine.”

Randy cleaned out hundreds of feet of ditches last summer with his excavator.

“Bugs were a real nuisance,” he says, “so I just shut all the windows, turned on the air and the radio, and had a great time working away. The E35 is a real pleasure to operate.”