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Bobcatalog 2012

So comfortable you hardly feel like you’re working

Choose from more than a dozen Bobcat skid-steer loaders with top-of-the-line operator comfort and performance features


Designed to work in confined areas, the S100 minimizes manual labor with shovels and wheelbarrows.


The S70 is just 36 inches wide with a bucket, and easily travels through gates and between structures.

There are 14 unique Bobcat® skid-steer loader models to choose from to best match your application. Even better, you can choose from 80 unique Bobcat attachments to extend your skid-steer loader’s abilities and find new revenue opportunities. After five decades of compact equipment, Bobcat remains the skid-steer loader leader. Bobcat maintains its leadership by listening to customers, updating its manufacturing processes and continually making product improvements.


The S150 can travel up to 11.1 mph with the two-speed option.


The S130 is a radius lift path loader approved for use with more than 40 Bobcat attachments.

M-Series enhancements
The M-Series generation is the centerpiece of the Bobcat skid-steer loader lineup. Remarkable changes improved productivity, visibility, operator comfort and performance. Current M-Series loaders range from the S630 to the mighty S850 — five models altogether — with an additional all-wheel steer loader.


The S175 has vertical-lift path arms for more lift capacity, more lift height and reach for loading trucks.


A turbocharged engine gives the S160 an extra performance boost.

As clear as day
A new cab-forward design gives you a clear view of the front corners, attachment and working area. Furthermore, Bobcat M-Series loaders have unbeatable side and rear visibility, helping you get more work done with less worry about hitting objects next to or behind you. M-Series cabs are quieter and cleaner than other brands, in part due to the pressurized cab, to help keep you cleaner throughout the work day.


Travel up to 11.1 miles per hour with the optional two-speed travel feature.


High-flow auxiliary hydraulics are available for more power when operating attachments.

Not to be overlooked are the S70 through S205 models, particularly for applications where a smaller loader is ideal. Models like the S70 and S100 replace manual labor on space-restricted jobs in backyards or interior demolition sites. Standard features include the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system, strong lift arms, maintenance-free chaincases and dual-path cooling system.


The S650 is a vertical lift path M-Series loader and is rated to lift nearly 2,700 pounds.


The S630 is a radius-lift path loader with up to 30.5 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow.

Cooler and quieter
The Bobcat cooling system remains a significant advantage over other brands. It starts with the placement of the radiator and hydraulic oil cooling package: They’re protected high between the uprights. The Bobcat hydraulically driven smart fan senses the machine temperature and only operates as needed. This leads to a quieter, more efficient machine. The Bobcat-patented, dual-path cooling system draws in cool, clean air from above and forces it out the sides. Other brands suck in dirt and dust from the ground below, take it past the engine and blow it out the top or back, compromising the radiator, filter and engine package.


The S770 has a 92-hp turbocharged diesel engine and a maximum lift height of 11 feet.


The S750 has more than 36 gpm of hydraulic flow available for exceptional attachment performance.

Beyond standard features found in Bobcat skid-steer loaders are a number of options to customize the machine to the owner’s preference. This includes four types of controls: standard, standard with power assist, advanced control system and Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC). A popular feature of SJC is speed management, which allows you to optimize machine performance for unique operating conditions.


The A770 minimizes ground disturbance and tire wear with both skid-steer and all-wheel steer capabilities.


The S850 is a heavy-duty earthmoving machine with an operating capacity of nearly 4,000 pounds.

Optional air-ride seats, high-flow hydraulics, heat and air conditioning, Power Bob-Tach attachment mounting system and deluxe instrumentation are all designed to provide you with the best operating station. The Power Bob-Tach system enables you to change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the cab, a benefit if you regularly switch attachments.

M-Series Cab and Deluxe Instrumentation
M-Series Cab and Deluxe Instrumentation

M-Series Cab and Deluxe Instrumentation

The Bobcat M-Series loader cab was designed with you in mind. A new design gives you 10 percent more space for your arms, legs, shoulders, heat and feet, to keep you comfortable. Additionally, the cab-forward position provides improved visibility to the attachment and work area. New M-Series cabs are quieter, too, with a noise reduction of more than 60 percent.

A popular feature of Bobcat cabs is the deluxe instrumentation panel. It’s a 5-inch, full-color LCD screen for enhanced machine monitoring and interaction. Features include keyless start, attachment operation (job clock), diagnostics, digital time clock, hour meter and multiple password settings, to get the most of our your machine and attachments.

Two machines in one — all-wheel steer and skid-steer modes
Two machines in one — all-wheel steer and skid-steer modes

M-Series Cab and Deluxe Instrumentation

For more than a decade, Bobcat Company has offered an all-wheel steer loader that features minimal ground disturbance. Whether you’re carrying a pallet of fertilizer on a golf course or are concerned about leaving marks on new concrete and asphalt, you can rest assured that the Bobcat® A770 all-wheel steer loader won’t cause you headaches. In the all-wheel steer mode, both the right and left sides work together to minimize turf damage and reduce tire wear. The inside tires turn at a different angle and speed than the outside tires. In skid-steer mode, the tires on the left side work independently of those on the right side to achieve maximum maneuverability.