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Bobcatalog 2012

Mini only in name — mighty in what they can accomplish

Bobcat mini track loaders solve challenges in space-restricted jobsites

Mini Track Loaders

Mini Track Loaders

For some, Bobcat® mini track loaders were the next step to grow a successful company. For others, the machines allowed them to replace manual labor and wheelbarrows in tight areas where larger equipment wouldn’t fit. Either way, there’s nothing “mini” about these hard-working machines. They can dig, lift, carry and push material with the best of them.

Built around a Tier 4 diesel engine, the Bobcat MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders can easily replace laborers, wheelbarrows and shovels on many space-restricted construction or landscaping projects. At just 36 inches wide with a bucket, both models can easily fit through gates to transport building materials or haul dirt. And the machine is just 72 inches long; small enough to pull behind a half-ton pickup on a trailer.

A pair of durable rubber tracks allows operators to easily travel over established surfaces without worrying about damages, repair time and costs later. This is especially helpful on renovation projects where landscapers may be driving across finished yards, pavers or concrete patios. Operators and customers alike will appreciate the little disturbance caused by the ground pressure: just 4.7 psi for the MT52 and 3.6 psi for the MT55 (wide track option).

MT55 mini track loader

MT55 mini track loader

MT52 mini track loader

MT52 mini track loader

Another clear advantage of rubber tracks is their ability to float across wet, soft and often muddy ground conditions. This feature enables operators to extend working seasons in fall and get onto sites earlier in spring, as well as after a rainfall.

Versatility with attachments
No one knows attachments better than Bobcat Company, which is why there are more than two dozen attachments approved for use with Bobcat mini track loaders. Here are some examples of how they’re used.

  • Auger: digging footings for new decks or plantings
  • Grapple: grab, lift and carry debris
  • Pallet fork: an efficient way to move supplies such as pavers or blocks
  • Soil conditioner: replacing hand rakes to get work done faster and better
  • Trencher: great for installing irrigation systems
  • Vibratory plow: install pipe for cable with minimal ground disturbance

All of these attachments (and more) are connected to the mini loaders via the popular Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system.

Safety matters
Safety matters

Bobcat mini track loader controls

Like its larger Bobcat counterparts, MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders have some of the industry’s leading safety features, including a reverse-travel stop panel. It returns the driver levers to neutral (and forward slightly) when pushed in. There’s also a parking brake that prevents the mini track loaders from moving when not in use. Finally, lift arm and tilt lockout systems prevent accidental movement of the lift arms or attachments.