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Bobcatalog 2012

Bobcat dealers are your resource for full-service support, with parts, service and rentals

Local dealers provide trained service technicians, genuine Bobcat parts and rentals to ensure your equipment operates at its best

Dealer support

Dealer support 24/7

Your relationship with your Bobcat dealer begins before the sale and continues long afterwards. Representatives at more than 600 dealers in the United States and Canada are resources for government agencies, institutions, businesses and homeowners with acreage who own, operate or rent Bobcat® machines and attachments.

Trained service technicians
Properly servicing your compact equipment is critical to its long-term success. Factory-trained Bobcat service technicians are available at dealerships to help maximize your equipment uptime. They are required to keep their service training current to keep up with ever-changing equipment and technology. Most notably, Bobcat service technicians are knowledgeable of the new off-road diesel engine changes that affect Bobcat machines, namely interim Tier 4 and Tier 4 emission requirements.

Bobcat service technicians will recommend steps to take before potential machine-debilitating issues may occur. Bobcat equipment-specific diagnostic monitoring tools help service technicians analyze machine performance quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, Bobcat service technicians use an online machine troubleshooting system to expedite repairs. They also have knowledge of product or software updates that are available for specific serial-numbered machines and attachments.

If you have a machine breakdown, your Bobcat dealer may send a field service truck and mechanic to assist you at your site. Bobcat dealers also have trucking services to transport machines to and from the dealership, making it more convenient for you.

Genuine Bobcat parts
Bobcat dealerships use genuine Bobcat parts for repairs to ensure the proper fit and performance. Their Bobcat parts and component-specific approved oils and lubricants are readily available. And dealers stand behind their parts because genuine Bobcat parts come with a warranty. Trained service technicians have knowledge of which parts or combination of parts is needed for a serial-numbered machine.

Readily available rentals
If your equipment is being repaired or if you need a machine or attachment for a specific job, Bobcat dealers have rental machines and attachments available. Additionally, Bobcat dealers stock unique rental equipment — machines with high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, unique attachments and small to large machines — for certain applications. Renting equipment gives you the opportunity to try the Bobcat experience and determine what machine is best for your needs.

Training resources

Safety should be any Bobcat® equipment operator’s first priority. Whether you’re an owner-operator or oversee a fleet of compact equipment and operators, properly trained employees will increase your productivity. To help owners learn how to properly operate and service compact equipment and attachments, Bobcat offers a library of operator training course kits, service safety training kits and safety videos. These training resources are prepared by product experts at Bobcat to make sure operators understand every aspect of their equipment.

Ten operator training course kits are available through your local Bobcat dealer or for purchase online via the Bobcat Store. The video portions of these kits come in DVD and VHS formats.

Service safety training courses are available for skid-steer loaders and compact excavators. A maintenance video is available for forestry cutter attachment owners. Most Bobcat training resources are available in Spanish. Safety videos for all Bobcat products (excluding attachments) are available in both English and Spanish on a single DVD. They may also be viewed online.