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Bobcatalog 2012

Toolcat utility work machines set the new standard for versatility; available for use with 40+ attachments

The one-of-a-kind machines combine the popular features of a pickup, compact tractor, skid-steer loader and utility vehicle

Toolcat 5600

The 5600 with a climate-controlled enclosed cab is a dream machine.

Toolcat utility work machines are the ideal solution for grounds maintenance applications, as well as routine chores for farmers, ranchers and homeowners with acreage.

It’s not uncommon to see fleets of Toolcat machines on college campuses or with municipalities, performing year-round maintenance. This is especially true in the Snowbelt where Toolcat machines are paired with Bobcat® snow removal attachments to efficiently clear snow from parking lots, sidewalks, walking paths and more. The combination of Toolcat machines and attachments may replace several pieces of less efficient equipment.

Attachments galore
Although a Toolcat machine excels at snow removal, there are many other applications where it exceeds expectations. In fact, there are more than 40 attachments and implements approved for use with Toolcat machines and the lift arm with the popular Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system. Popular attachments include angle brooms, augers, grapples, mowers, rotary cutters and tillers, just to name a few. An ergonomic joystick in the cab provides fingertip control of the machine’s loader arm and attachments.

Toolcat 5610

The 5610: Run front-mounted attachments and rear implements simultaneously.

With the 5610 model, you can combine a front-mounted attachment with any of several Category 1, 3-point hitch implements on the back, using them at the same time or alternating them as needed. The PTO and rear remote hydraulics can power a number of Bobcat attachments and implements, including rotary cutters, soil conditioners and augers.

Comfortable cab
From the moment you step into the cab of a Toolcat machine, you’ll notice how comfortable it is. Automotive-style controls combined with a responsive joystick make driving and operating attachments a breeze. An independent suspension system, long wheelbase and increased wheel-to-ground contact contribute to a smooth ride for the operator and passenger. An optional enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning makes a near-perfect environment for any kind of weather. Add a radio and CD player to enhance your Toolcat operating experience.

Quick and maneuverable
If you need to quickly get from one area to the next, Toolcat machines can get you there, with an 18 mph travel speed. When a job calls for minimal ground disturbance — such as driving across a finished surface while transporting supplies or palletized material — the Toolcat machine’s all-wheel steer feature comes in handy. Simply press a switch to transition between front-wheel steer and all-wheel steer. Four steerable axles deliver a tight turning radius for excellent maneuverability.

Hauling cargo
Toolcat machines have room for a passenger, and are equipped with a hydraulic dump cargo box for easy unloading (Toolcat 5600) and a boast towing capacity up to 4,000 pounds. A Toolcat 5600 has a 17-cubic-foot cargo box and more hauling capacity than a half-ton pickup. An easy-to-open tailgate makes loading and unloading a snap. For larger items, side panels may be removed, or for taller cargo, add stake pockets and high side panels.

Tight turning radius

In all-wheel steer mode, Toolcat machines have a tighter turning radius than compact tractors, utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

Maintenance made easy
Toolcat machines are simple to maintain and operators have easy access to routine service items. To get to all of the service areas, simply lift the cargo box and install the support. Check the hydraulic fluid level, air filter, battery connections and radiator reservoir, and remove the radiator for easy cleaning. A side door reveals access to the dipstick, oil fill and filter. Lastly, use a grease gun to add grease to areas on the machine’s front lift arm.

With all of these features, it’s easy to see why Toolcat utility work machines from Bobcat are among the most popular for compact equipment owners.