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Bobcatalog 2012

Utility work machine improves productivity for Midwest landscaping company

Toolcat 5610 means fewer jobs for subcontractors and happier customers

Ryan Such

A Toolcat 5610 paired with front-mounted attachments and 3-point hitch implements completes year-round projects for All Terrain Grounds Maintenance.

Investing in a Toolcat 5610 utility work machine allowed a lawn maintenance company to reduce its dependence on subcontractors and make current customers more content. In other words, it has really worked out well.

“That’s right,” says Ryan Such, president of All Terrain Grounds Maintenance, Fargo, N.D. “Looking back, it makes me wonder what our business was like before we purchased the 5610.”

The 12-year-old firm, owned by Ryan Such, his wife Jennifer and partner Nick Tidd, calls itself the largest full-service lawn maintenance company in North Dakota. Working in both the commercial and residential markets, All Terrain Grounds Maintenance offers a broad range of services, from mowing lawns to installing sprinkler systems.

The Toolcat 5610 has had a significant impact in three applications.

Field mowing
All Terrain Grounds Maintenance has several customers with vacant lots of an acre or more that require regular mowing. “We previously had difficulty doing this work with our regular lawn mowers and had to hire others to help us,” Ryan says. “The 72-inch rotary cutter on the rear of the 5610 does a nice job on these bigger sites. With the implement on the back, it is easier to avoid hitting objects in the tall grass.”

The company has some clients who want a strip of land tilled between grass lawns and adjacent fields. “We do a couple of miles of these strips using the Bobcat® 74-inch tiller, another 3-point hitch implement, that works well on the 5610,” Ryan says. “The tilled ground gives the property a nice, clean look and helps in weed control.”

Ryan says he is not a big fan of hiring subcontractors. “The utility work machine and the rotary cutter and tiller implements allow us to set our own schedule and retain the income from these jobs,” he says.

Snow removal
Such acknowledges that his company was struggling with some snow removal accounts when they used only trucks and plows. “These customers became much happier when we switched to the 5610 and snowblower attachment,” he says. “Blowing snow is a better option when you have to deal with nooks and crannies, sensitive surfaces and the need to create more space. Now we have three machines — including two Bobcat skid-steer loaders — with snowblower attachments and can do a much better job for our customers.”

The Toolcat 5610 — purchased from Bobcat of Fargo — can accommodate more than 40 front-mounted attachments and a number of rear-mounted implements, as well. Complementary attachments and implements can even be operated simultaneously, thereby eliminating the need for multiple machines.

Other features of the utility work machine that Ryan likes include the ability to drive from site to site (no need for time-consuming trailering); transport of a passenger along with the driver; good visibility (especially when working in snow); and gentle on sensitive surfaces.

“The 5610 has proven to be a great option for us,” Ryan says. “It fits our grounds maintenance business perfectly.”