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Bobcatalog 2012

Bobcat utility vehicles provide fast, reliable transportation and cargo-hauling

RapidLink attachment system converts a traditional Bobcat utility vehicle into a tool-carrying machine


3400 utility work machine

As the leader in compact equipment for more than 50 years, Bobcat Company is well known for products that deliver results. So whether you are a homeowner with acreage, a buildings and grounds professional, a resort operator or responsible for one of dozens of other applications that require fast, reliable transportation and cargo-carrying needs, you can count on the Bobcatģ group of utility vehicles to continue that legacy.

Utility vehicle popularity and usage continue to grow. The vehicles fill a niche for owners who want more comfort and cargo-carrying options than an all-terrain vehicle, and a more fuel-efficient and compact option than a pickup, especially for working in confined areas.

Enjoyable ride
The comfort features built into Bobcat utility vehicles make them a pleasure to operate. With simple, ergonomic controls, low-effort steering, comfortable seats and a quiet engine, you are sure to enjoy your time in the driverís seat. Passengers will notice the difference, too. An advanced four-wheel independent suspension system is a big help when driving over rough terrain. The adjustable rear suspension is designed to match the job.


The hard-working 3400 4x4 model excels where maximum traction is required.


The two-seat, 3200 4x2 machine is a fuel-efficient way to transport employees and cargo.

So, too, are the operating options. Use low-range for maximum torque or towing heavy loads. Turn to high-range for a faster speed when the load is light and the surface is smooth. Push a button to select the drive mode: turf, two-wheel or four-wheel. Note: the 3200 model has only turf and two-wheel drive modes.

Move materials in the durable and spacious cargo box. A single latch allows you to open the tailgate with one hand. The optional powered-lift accessory enables you to easily lift the cargo box with the touch of a button from the driverís seat. For additional cargo space, pull a trailer behind the utility vehicle with a 2-inch receiver hitch.

Simple maintenance
Bobcat utility vehicles are simple to maintain. One look at the utility vehicle shows how effortless it is to perform daily checks on items such as the air filter and engine oil. Warning lights are easy to see and read. And check out the built-in component protection items such as radiator guard, CV guard, skid plate and a sealed CVT cover. Itís easy to see why these utility vehicles rate high in reliability.


Pair one of three Bobcat attachments with the 3450 and turn it into a versatile tool carrier.


With an extra row of seating, the 3400XL can transport up to six occupants.

Options and accessories
Plenty of options and accessories allow you to customize your Bobcat utility vehicle to best fit your needs. They include an enclosed cab with heat; two types of tires; electrical and cargo box accessories; radio and speakers; and winch, turn signals and flashers. There is even a deluxe package that includes a brush guard for added radiator protection and a powered bed lift for the cargo box.

Exclusive attachment carrier
The Bobcat 3450 utility vehicle is equipped with the RapidLinkô attachment mounting system that turns it into a tool carrier. Three front-mounted Bobcat attachments are available ó bucket, pallet fork and snow blade ó for year-round projects on acreages, jobsites, campuses and more.

Visit your local Bobcat dealer to learn more about the four utility vehicles that are available for 2012.