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Spring 2012

Comparison shopping leads customer to Bobcat

Bobcat Advantage video series pushes landscaper toward a new M-Series E45

Marc Weiss, Stonecreek Landscaping

Marc Weiss, Stonecreek Landscaping

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video that compares excavators? The answer is quite a lot, according to landscaper Marc Weiss.

That’s because a YouTube® video was so impressive that after watching it he passed on buying an excavator from his long-time favorite brand of construction equipment and instead purchased a Bobcat® model that has exceeded his expectations in performance, comfort and serviceability.

Weiss owns Stonecreek Landscaping in Boston, N.Y., about 20 miles from Buffalo. The eight-year-old company began doing lawn maintenance and has since added snow plowing and a wide range of landscaping services.

“Near the end of 2010, I secured contracts for several residential retaining wall and drain tile projects,” Weiss says. “At that point I knew I needed an excavator. In early spring, I looked at just about every available machine either in person or on the Internet.”

Seeing is believing
As part of his evaluation process, Weiss regularly checks videos on YouTube that feature equipment working on the job. Just as he was about to purchase an excavator from a dealer that he had worked with previously, he scrolled through YouTube one more time and noticed the Bobcat Advantage website.

Marc Weiss in his E45

Marc Weiss in his E45

“I watched it and was impressed with everything I saw,” Weiss says. “I went to Bobcat of Buffalo for an in-person demo, but basically the video sold me on the E45.”

The Bobcat Advantage website showcases Bobcat excavators against competitive machines in repeatable, real-life tests and applications. Dozens of different videos compare machines and demonstrate Bobcat excavator advantages.

“Although I watched most of the individual video comparisons,” says Weiss, “the ones on serviceability, cab entry and machine performance were most important — and impressive — to me.”

“I’m big on servicing my equipment,” he says. “I was very pleased to discover how easy it was to access all of the engine checkpoints on the Bobcat M-Series excavator. The swing-open tailgate and side access hood make preventive maintenance simple. There is no comparison to the other machines I looked at.”

Comfortable cab
“I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall, so the large cab entry/exit room is very welcome,” Weiss says. “Inside the cab there is plenty of space throughout. Everything is done right to ensure superior operator comfort.”

“The E45 is a really good digging machine,” he says. “In using it to excavate basements, I’ve noticed that the faster cycle times and top-rated auxiliary hydraulic performance allows me to accomplish more work in less time.”

Weiss says that as “someone who has owned one brand of construction equipment exclusively for several years, buying the E45 has been a very satisfying experience. The machine has met and exceeded my expectations.”

The new excavator has helped him take on a variety of projects. For example, he is now clearing lots for the first time.

“I did not have the equipment to do it previously,” Weiss says. “Now with the E45 and Bobcat clamp, it’s easy to handle bulky materials such as brush and logs. Plus, the 30-inch bucket allows me work faster when loading trucks, digging trenches for drainage tile and building retaining walls.

“In fact,” he concludes, “the capabilities of the E45 impact how I bid jobs. It allows me to get work completed quicker, reduces my labor costs and enables me to give customers a better price.”