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Bobcatalog 2013

Compact excavators

Excavators are increasingly replacing larger equipment as the preferred machines for excavating, grading and site preparation projects

There’s one brand of excavator that simply can’t be beat: Bobcat. That’s because Bobcat® excavators have repeatedly outperformed other brands in productivity, comfort, visibility and serviceability. Dig deep, place spoil away from a trench or directly into a truck and backfill with one machine — a Bobcat excavator.

Excavator lineup

Choose from 11 Bobcat excavators, with Conventional, Minimal and Zero Tail Swing models to match different operating conditions and digging needs. From the ultra-compact 418 to the heavy-duty 8-metric-ton E80, there’s a model suited for all applications. Nine of the 11 models offered by Bobcat are part of the M-Series — the latest generation of excavator excellence — and feature improved hydraulic horsepower for unmatched digging performance and faster cycle times.

Why should I buy an excavator?

Perhaps the better question is: Why not? First, excavators cost less to purchase and maintain than larger excavating equipment such as tractor loader backhoes (TLBs). Excavators also use less fuel, as much as 40 percent less in an 8-hour workday, saving owners more money. Bobcat excavators are much more flexible than TLBs, which are limited to 90 degrees of workgroup movement. An excavator working in the same situation has up to 180 degrees of movement for better spoil placement or truck-loading applications. Excavators need less repositioning because of their independent boom swing. Lastly, excavator owners sit in an offset position for better visibility to the attachment and work area. TLB visibility is obstructed by the boom.

More dig depth and reach

Bobcat offers five excavators with an extendable-arm option, which operates the clamp even in the extended position; no other manufacturer comes close. The extendable-arm option provides more reach and dump height. Additionally, all five models are clamp-compatible and may be used with the optional Hydraulic X-Change mounting system for simplified attachment changes. Extending the arm is as simple as pressing the paddle switch on the joystick. The extendable-arm configuration is available as a factory-installed option or through a local Bobcat dealer.

Work in comfort

Comfort is king in Bobcat excavators. Easily enter and exit the cab through a large door opening. Once inside, M-Series excavators have the most cab space in the industry. For added comfort, an adjustable suspension seat and arm rests and fold-up foot pedals let owners choose their preferred settings. An optional enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning is available for year-round comfort. Easy-to-reach joystick controls are well positioned and provide fingertip control of boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic functions.

Attachments add versatility

There are 13 approved Bobcat attachments that may be paired with an excavator to do more than dig. They include augers, breakers, plate compactors, trenchers and rotating grapples, to name a few. Owners can quickly and easily change attachments with the exclusive X-Change mounting system, or select the optional Hydraulic X-Change system. Both are available on most Bobcat excavators.

Set it and forget it

Bobcat excavator owners benefit from selectable hydraulic auxiliary flow for more control of selected attachments for improved movements, particularly when precision matters most. On the instrument panel, owners may choose from three auxiliary flow settings: low, medium and maximum. Press the AUX mode button to choose the auxiliary flow. Low flow is best when using the PowerTilt and Hydra-Tilt™ swing accessories for more accurate angles in trenches. Medium flow is well suited for using clamps for precise movements such as placing boulders. Maximum flow is ideal when using hydraulic breakers, plate compactors or augers for peak attachment performance.

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