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Bobcatalog 2013

Bobcat compact track loaders take productivity and performance to the next level


The T590 is an M-Series replacement for the T190.

Superior pushing forces and the ability to lift heavier loads help compact track loader owners finish tasks faster, and the rubber track undercarriage minimizes damage and helps owners extend their work season

Demanding jobsites, challenging ground conditions and tight schedules require a special type of compact loader — one that’s durable and reliable, able to push and lift more material, can keep working when other equipment is not up to the job, has a comfortable operator station and is easy to service. Only one brand of compact track loader meets those requirements: the Bobcat® machine.

NEW: Two M-Series models

With the addition of the new T550 and T590, replacing the T180 and T190, there are now seven Bobcat M-Series compact track loaders available that offer the industry’s leading cab, hydraulics and loader performance. Another unit, the compact T110, is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas and working in confined spaces, minimizing manual labor and tools required for digging.

Difference-making performance

When it’s time to dig in and deliver pushing and lifting power, Bobcat compact track loaders outperform other brands every time. Each machine has the right balance between the engine, hydraulic pump, horsepower and cubic-inch displacement to do more and do it faster. Take the controls to experience the loader’s impressive drive, engine torque and tractive effort. By the end of the day, you will notice the performance difference.

Tough and durable

A fully enclosed steel undercarriage is by far the industry leader. Features include component protection (including hoses and drive motors), permanently sealed and lubricated forged-steel rollers and idlers, steel-reinforced rubber tracks and elevated sprockets that shed debris as you work. Minimum maintenance is required. The simple, strong Bobcat track system is built to last longer than other models and keep you on the job. A popular option, available on some models, is the Roller Suspension system. The industry-first all-steel suspension system reduces vibration and noise, creating an enhanced level of comfort, and minimizes bucket spillage.

Best in comfort, visibility

With exceptional comfort and good visibility in all directions, the best-in-class pressurized cab on a Bobcat M-Series compact track loader makes the machine a joy to operate, even when working long hours doing difficult jobs. The forward-design places the operator in a better position to view attachments and the work area. There is 10 percent more space and 60 percent less noise inside the cab, contributing to a better experience for operators.

Rubber track advantages

Compact track loaders have low ground pressure and perform well in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions. Their low impact means minimal damage to established surfaces for fewer repairs when the job is done and higher profits. In some cases, they enable owners to get back to work sooner or extend their working season, as much as a month in the spring and fall, to further increase income.

Easy maintenance

To make sure Bobcat compact track loaders are simple to service, engine checkpoints are located within easy reach. Routine maintenance does not require moving radiators, raising lift arms or installing lift-arm support devices. Just open the tailgate and service the machine. It’s that simple. A standard automatic shutdown feature monitors engine and hydraulic functions, alerts the operator to potential problems and shuts down the machine when necessary.

All these advantages add up to an outstanding, high-performance machine, one that you can rely on to come through day after day.

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