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Bobcatalog 2013

Two compact track loaders + two locations = one efficient team

A Bobcat T650 and T750 make an unbeatable pair at construction sites

Bob (left) and David Johnston have been pleased with the
performance from their Bobcat M-Series compact track loaders,
particularly the rubber track undercarriage.

Bob (left) and David Johnston have been pleased with the performance from their Bobcat M-Series compact track loaders, particularly the rubber track undercarriage.

Adding a second compact track loader for working on a multi-year project certainly can improve productivity and efficiency, even when the pair of Bobcat® machines are working 10 miles apart and are separated by water.

LMD Contracting, a general contractor based in Kenora, Ontario, purchased a T750 to go along with its T650. The two M-Series loaders form a powerful all-track equipment combination that fits perfectly at one of the firm’s current jobs.

“The YMCA hired us to take down and replace 18 cottages over a three-year period at their local campground,” says Bob Johnston, who owns LMD Contracting with his son, David. “One of the challenges is that the camp is located on an island in the Lake of the Woods.”

The T650 is stationed at the jobsite while the T750 is located at the company headquarters.

“We use the T750 to load and unload trucks of building materials, which are transported to the island by barge,” David says. “Then the T650, which stays on the island, unloads the barge and moves lumber, shingles, trash bins and other materials to where they are needed. The compact track loader is able to go down trails that at times can slow down or stop other equipment.

“Whether we are back in town or working on an island, the two M-Series machines have really helped us improve efficiency. Our lineup of attachments — buckets, pallet forks, auger, trencher, backhoe and stump grinder — allows us to handle whatever comes our way. That’s critical because we typically do a new construction project from start to finish, except for electric and plumbing. By having our own equipment, we can do a better job of scheduling.”

Why a track machine?

LMD Contracting has been a long-time owner of Bobcat skid-steer loaders. The first machine was a 543, purchased when the company had a contract to tear down some rental houses. “Once we found out how much work could be accomplished with it, we were sold,” Bob says. “Then we bought a 763 and did even more work. More recently, we were very impressed when we watched someone using a compact track loader.”

Two years ago, the father-and-son team ordered a T650 from Bobcat of Central Manitoba and discovered the many benefits of a compact track loader, including operating productively in wet, sloppy conditions, extending the work season and limiting ground disturbance.

“The two loaders are definitely worth the cost,” Bob says. “They are a good investment that is going to help make us more successful and, because they are Bobcat machines, they are going to hold their value.”

“Ahead of the game”

Though they have had limited experience with other brands of equipment, the Johnstons have rented other machines from time to time when working out of town.

“We were never impressed enough to look at them when it came time to make a purchase,” David says. “Bobcat is ahead of the game when it comes to making advancements. It seems that the others are trying to keep up with Bobcat, by far the industry leader.”