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Bobcatalog 2013

Bobcat expands skid-steer loader lineup with five new M-Series models


The S570 replaces the S185 and has a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic option for enhanced attachment performance.

New Bobcat M-Series skid-steer loaders offer best-in-class operating cabs and top-of-the-line performance to improve operator comfort, productivity and uptime protection

For more than 50 years, operators of Bobcat® skid-steer loaders have been able to count on the world’s original compact work-saving machine to complete jobs — large and small, routine and difficult — easier and faster. The new lineup for 2013 features loaders that continue to deliver high-performance results while offering enhanced operator comfort and visibility, along with superior reliability and serviceability. In other words, the best skid-steer loaders in the business just keep getting better and better.

Five new M-Series models

Five new 500-frame-size loaders — S510, S530, S550, S570 and S590 — join six other M-Series machines (including an all-wheel steer unit) that are setting new industry standards for operator experience and jobsite success. Three other non-M-Series skid-steer loaders — the S70, S100 and S130 — are valuable in situations where access and space are limited. Choose between radius-lift-path or vertical-lift-path loaders to best match your application.

Improved visibility

The redesigned M-Series cab brings the operator closer to the front of the machine to better monitor attachment performance and improve visibility to the corners of the machine and the work area. In fact, visibility has been substantially increased in all directions.

Premium cab

The new M-Series cab is also larger and more comfortable. With up to 20 percent more interior space than competitive machines, Bobcat has created a new level of operator comfort. An adjustable seat accommodates different-sized operators while an optional air-ride seat adds even more comfort. The pressurized cab rates as the best in the business for keeping operators clean and comfortable. It’s also a factor in reducing cab noise — by as much as 60 percent over other machines.

Uptime protection

Bobcat skid-steer loaders are designed and built for reliable performance day after day. The radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are well protected between the frame uprights to prevent damage. The superior cooling system is in a class by itself. The hydraulically powered smart fan senses machine temperature and only turns as fast as needed. It’s also 30 percent quieter than ordinary cooling fans. The patented, dual-path cooling system takes in cool, clean air from above while forcing warm engine air out two side vents.

An industry exclusive, the chaincase on a Bobcat loader is maintenance-free and has fixed axle tubes, stronger axles, fully sealed bearings and the largest chains in the industry (38 percent stronger than other brands).

A standard feature on Bobcat loaders is automatic shutdown protection. The system, which monitors engine and hydraulic functions, alerts the operator and shuts down the machine when there is a problem.

Unparalleled access to service points makes regular maintenance easy. The large, swing-open tailgate makes it convenient to do routine maintenance. The transverse-mounted engine and belt drive system are accessible from one side for easy maintenance checks.

Versatile tool carrier

Get more work completed faster and easier. More than 65 Bobcat attachments are available to turn skid-steer loaders into a multi-purpose tool carrier that, within a matter of minutes, can dig a trench, unload a truck and sweep a parking lot. The standard Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system allows the operator to move effortlessly from one attachment to another. An optional Power Bob-Tach system is available for changing non-hydraulic attachments from inside the cab.

Dozens of optional features — such as heat and air conditioning, two-speed travel, deluxe instrumentation, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, Advanced Control System and Selectable Joystick Controls — make it even more enjoyable and productive to operate a Bobcat skid-steer loader.

Radio Remote Control System for Bobcat loaders

Radio Remote Control System

Radio Remote Control System

The drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions of Bobcat loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls can be operated with the radio remote control transmitter. The system allows you to run more than three dozen approved loader attachments. It is important to maintain visual contact at all times with the loader and the loader’s path of travel when using this device.

  • • Bobcat Loader Radio Remote Control Operator Training Course features a DVD — along with classroom training and hands-on operation
  • • The Bobcat loader Radio Remote Control System is not approved for certain types of hazardous or explosive environments (see the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual for more information)
  • • Bobcat loaders are the first and only loaders to be remote-ready
  • • Operate the loader remotely when you don't want an operator in the cab
  • • Transfer controls easily to another loader
  • • Guard-bar protects transmitter controls from accidental activation and damage
  • • Approved for dozens of Bobcat loader attachments
  • • Easy to switch between “remote” and “machine/direct” control modes
  • • Rechargeable transmitter battery has up to 15 hours of life
  • • Transmitter tilt sensor stops loader engine if the transmitter is tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction

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