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Bobcatalog 2013

Bobcat mini track loaders are the best option when space is limited

Two Bobcat mini track loaders can maneuver their way through gates and between homes to complete projects in confined areas, often replacing manual labor and hand tools, and leave a minimal footprint


The MT55 has more tractive effort, higher lift capacity and increased horsepower, still within a small package.

Isnít there a better way? For anyone working in limited-access areas with a shovel, rake or wheelbarrow, thatís a common question. And in many of these situations, bigger equipment just wonít fit. Thatís when the smart solution is a small machine that delivers big results.

The better way is a Bobcatģ mini track loader.

Attachment options

With more than two dozen Bobcat attachments approved for mini track loaders, there are an almost endless number of jobs that you no longer need to complete with hand tools, or with back-breaking labor, either.

From the angle broom and auger to the tiller and trencher, whatever the project, there is an attachment that turns a Bobcat mini track loader into an efficient and productive jobsite solution. Site preparation, utility installation, demolition and transporting building materials are just of a few of the tasks that can be accomplished with the mini track loader and a job-matched attachment. All attachments can be connected quickly and easily with the standard Bob-Tachģ attachment mounting system. Some attachments approved for mini track loaders may also be operated with larger Bobcat loaders and excavators for even more versatility.

The right fit

The MT52 and MT55 are ideal for tasks that restrict the use of larger Bobcat equipment. Both are just 36 inches wide (with bucket) and 72 inches long without an attachment. With the ability to fit through doorways, gates and tight property lines, the machines are valuable both indoors and outdoors. An easy-to-attach ride-on platform enhances operator comfort and increases productivity over other walk-behind loaders. It can be quickly removed to use the walk-behind option.

Exceptional traction

You can rely on the durable rubber track undercarriage to keep the mini track loaders working in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions with minimal ground disturbance. The working season can be extended in both spring and fall to increase revenue and profits.

Rubber tracks also help limit damage to established surfaces such as established lawns, concrete and patio pavers. This reduces repairs and costs when the project is done. Ground pressure is just 4.7 psi for the MT52 and 3.6 psi for the MT55 using the wide track option.

Easy-to-use controls

The one-hand-drive controls on the Bobcat mini track loaders are easy to use and reach. One multi-function handle operates travel speed and direction while another lever controls lift and tilt functions. The adjustable height drive controls allow operators of varying heights to work comfortably.

Check out these mini track loaders at your local Bobcat dealership and learn just how much a one-man crew can do.

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