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Bobcatalog 2013

Versatility of Toolcat utility work machines enhanced by top performance and comfort features

Choose between two Toolcat utility work machine models to best suit your needs: a cargo box or 3-pt. hitch version, and a top-of-the line cab with room for two and state-of-the art controls

Toolcat 5600

Toolcat 5600 with angle broom

The simple answer to explain the popularity of Toolcat utility work machines is versatility. In fact, because it combines the best features of a pickup truck, tractor, skid-steer loader and utility vehicle, the versatility of this one-of-a-kind product is unmatched. That explains its widespread use on college and school campuses, parks, airports, farms, acreages and dozens of other applications.

While no piece of equipment can do more, versatility only tells part of the machine’s story. Look at the performance side and the comfort features and you will see more reasons why the Toolcat 5600 and 5610 are in a class by themselves.

High-performance units

Toolcat utility work machines have been designed and built by Bobcat Company in Bismarck and Gwinner, N.D., to deliver top performance in a wide range of applications. Excellent lifting and pulling capacity, fast travel speed (up to 18 mph), superior pushing power and traction, multi-attachment and implement capabilities and outstanding cargo capacity combine to make the Toolcat machines perfect for buildings and grounds, agricultural and homeowner with acreage applications.

Toolcat 5610

Toolcat 5610 with bucket and 3-pt. rotary cutter

The 5600 can haul 2,000 pounds of tools, materials and supplies in the 17-cubic-foot cargo box. Unload the box in seconds without exiting the cab with the hydraulic dump. Towing capacity is 4,000 pounds to quickly transport trailered supplies and light equipment.

40+ attachments

In most cases, superior performance is based on what the Toolcat machines can accomplish with more than 40 approved attachments and implements. You can use the 5600 for dozens of jobs, from snow removal to sweeping to installing fences. With the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system, one person can change front-mounted attachments in minutes. For even easier attachment changes, the Power Bob-Tach™ system is available as an option. The 5610 allows you to use front-mounted attachments, as well as PTO and rear remote hydraulics to power Category 1, 3-pt. hitch implements or attachments.

Cargo convenience

Doing double duty is standard for the Toolcat machines. For example, the 5600 can use an attachment such as an auger or trencher on the front and carry supplies such as fencing, trees and shrubs, and irrigation materials in the cargo box. Another option for the 5600 is a snow attachment on the front and a Bobcat salt and sand spreader in the box. These types of jobsite combinations can save a vast amount of time and work.

In addition to delivering superior performance, Toolcat utility work machines are easy on existing surfaces because of the all-wheel steer feature. The feature is activated by simply pressing a button to transition from front-wheel steer to all-wheel steer. Less damage helps prevent costly repairs after the job is complete. The precise maneuverability of all-wheel steer enables you to work in confined spaces, and the hydrostatic drive system provides excellent traction on snow, ice and loose gravel.

Ride in comfort

Automotive-type cab features, including foot pedals, adjustable seat and adjustable tilt steering wheel provide the type of environment that helps maintain productivity throughout the day. Optional heat and air conditioning add even more comfort. The driver and passenger can count on a smooth ride, even at the maximum travel speed, because Toolcat utility work machines have an independent suspension system, long wheelbase and more wheel-to-ground contact. Visibility from inside the cab is outstanding, an important feature at all times, but particularly valuable when mowing, sweeping and plowing snow.

A utility work machine can reduce the size of your fleet because it can do the jobs of other pieces of equipment, eliminating the cost of maintaining multiple machines. Talk your local Bobcat dealer to experience the difference a Toolcat utility work machine can make around your business and property.

Exceptional maneuverability

Toolcat turn radius

Toolcat turn radius

With the press of a button, Toolcat utility work machine operators can switch into all-wheel steer mode. Four steerable axles delivers a tighter turning radius than a compact tractor, utility vehicle or pickup truck for better maneuverability, particularly when working in tight areas. All-wheel steering also minimizes tire wear while working on asphalt or concrete, and protects sensitive surface such as grass or turf. When operators are done working in all-wheel steer mode they can easily switch back to front-wheel steer by pressing the same button.