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Bobcatalog 2013

Rapid responders

Tampa Fire Rescue purchased five Bobcat 3400XL 4x4 utility vehicles for quick responses, and to gain access to areas larger equipment cannot during special events

Tampa Fire Rescue employee Frank Pfister stands next to the
department’s Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles.

Tampa Fire Rescue employee Frank Pfister stands next to the department’s Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles.

After a thorough evaluation of utility vehicles, Bobcat® models rose to the top of the list for officials with the City of Tampa (Fla.). Based on the results of an in-depth assessment, Tampa Fire Rescue purchased five new Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles.

“This is our first Bobcat equipment purchase,” says Frank Pfister, specifications officer for Tampa Fire Rescue. “After the City of Tampa did an on-site evaluation of many different manufacturers of this type of vehicle, it was determined that Bobcat utility vehicles fit our needs.”

The City of Tampa conducted its on-site evaluation prior to the 2012 Republican National Convention in August. Bobcat utility vehicles provided by the local dealer proved to be the best solution. After the evaluation, the city’s police department purchased 18 Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles for security purposes.

Pfister is responsible for supervising, overseeing and coordinating Tampa Fire Rescue’s fleet vehicle inventory, including vehicle specifications and purchases. He’s also responsible for Tampa’s fire stations and support facility, including property improvements, repairs and construction.

Pfister says the 3400XL operators have told him that the vehicles are well built and easy to operate. “Bobcat utility vehicles are necessary to respond quickly to areas where normal fire equipment cannot get to during special events,” he says. The Bobcat 3400XL is just 60 inches wide and can travel up to 30 miles per hour.

Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles have two rows of seating and can transport up to six occupants with optional bench seats. Tampa Fire Rescue purchased the stretch utility vehicles with a brush guard, canopy, windshield and mirror kit.

Outstanding dealer support

The Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles were purchased from Bobcat of Tampa. “Our relationship with our local Bobcat dealer is outstanding,” Pfister says. “From the first visit to delivery, they went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. They are truly concerned in making sure our needs are addressed quickly and accurately.”

Training tools

Frank Pfister says training materials provided by his Bobcat dealer were helpful, especially since this was his first Bobcat® machine purchase. “Tampa Fire Rescue places safety as a top priority,” he says. “We have a comprehensive training division that has ongoing training to keep our employees safe. We used the Bobcat utility vehicle operation and maintenance manual as part of our employee training program.”

In addition to the manual, Bobcat Company offers an online utility vehicle safety video. The 13-minute safety video provides operators with the essentials of safe and proper operation of utility vehicles.